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Steam has grown to be one of the largest repository of visual novels everywhere.

Defined as a “Choose Your Own Adventure Series” novel with art (and in some cases) gameplay, this genre was primarily an area of ​​anime-centric romance games, but thanks to efforts, it’s more diverse. It has grown into a genre for adults. A number of small studios that see low-budget means to tell a great story as the perfect medium for their ideas.

“Arcadia Fallen” is a crowdfunding visual novel from Gardola Studios.

It offers all the elements you’d expect from this genre (multiple choices, romance options, branching paths according to these decisions), but incorporates unique puzzle aspects for combat and crafting.

At first, create a character from limited options and enter the fantasy world that reigns as an alchemist’s apprentice. In a world of suspected magicians and magic, you are extraordinarily untreated by fellow townspeople.

And after your soul is bound by the pink-haired devil’s soul, our little villagers get caught up in the fight against the devil and things get more crazy.

As far as stories and characters are concerned, both rely heavily on anime metaphors and hero travel-style fantasies.

The idea is that you can make choices that influence who these characters are to you and where the story goes. “Arcadia Fallen”, in contrast to its competitors, is very tolerant of your choices and has no “bad end”. This is an ominous finale with lots of visual novels lurking that can ruin your 30-hour investment in the story.

In addition to the ending that doesn’t blame the player for making the “wrong” choice, the game actively announces when important decisions are in progress and how it affects your relationship. ..

Many may find these big and bold warnings to be an immersive handheld. Still, I appreciate accessibility. The main reason is that the more I played it, the more I thought “Arcadia Fallen” was a perfect entry point visual novel for teenagers and young adult fantasy fans.

Another point of that favor is the inclusiveness that game developers proudly point out. In a genre where male-centric dating fantasy dominates, it’s great to see a game where anyone can insert themselves into the story, regardless of gender or race.

And regardless of the gender you choose, you can have a romantic moment with any of the characters that are your romance choices. Thankfully, these are done elegantly and are more cute than anything else.

The story is organized in a nice-looking package that reminds you of your favorite animations of today’s young adult comics, such as Netflix’s “She-Ra.”

I invested more in the puzzle segment than in the actual story and pinned them through a longer dialogue section. Early puzzles slowly ease you into increasingly complex tasks.

It’s all based on three circles that connect as a central circle.

To create a pattern or match colors, you need to rotate the four circles. Thank you for the simplicity of the idea and how well it works.

If you want to enjoy a character-centric and non-discomforting fantasy game, Arcadia Fallen is not a disappointment.

Extensive choices, friendly but fun stories, character interactions, and, of course, puzzles all come together to create a unique and endlessly playable experience. I admit that I haven’t fully invested in the entire first nine hours of the story, but it’s easy to see that this is appealing to modern YA fans.

The publisher provided a copy for review. It’s currently available on Steam, but will soon be available on the Nintendo Switch.

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