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arctic blast, unemployment benefits, and a surge in gas prices – Kansas City, Missouri

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Pitch is affiliated with a local political ideology organization called Loud light.. Their goal is to engage and empower individuals of undervalued people to build the power of the community. And it affects decision makers.Every week of the year when the Kansas Capitol is open, they Short video recapping What is the legislature doing? Knowing the core of what’s happening to your representative is the only way for local governments to stay involved in how they affect your life. Here’s a video of this week and a transcription of the video:


Hello, this is Davis Hammett’s loud light. This is what happened in the sixth week of the Kansas Parliament.

Cold weather affects the power grid
Many states, including Kansas, faced a historic cold in which electricity demand exceeded electricity production capacity. The local power grid operator, Southwest Power Pool, has experienced an emergency and rolling blackouts to reduce demand for the system. This has not happened for more than 80 years and was aimed at preventing a wider uncontrollable collapse of the power grid. As more information comes out, we are learning how much energy infrastructure has failed at sub-zero temperatures because it has not weathered to withstand these conditions. On the production side, the natural gas pipeline froze, reducing the efficiency of frozen coal and causing machinery to fail. On the demand side, most buildings are energy inefficient, poorly insulated and unable to retain heat. Politicians such as Senator Thompson (R) quickly sought to blame the complex issue of wind energy, but Kansas’ windmills are the state’s largest power company because they are built to withstand the cold. Eversey reported that wind energy exceeded expectations.

Soaring gas prices
In particular, the cost of natural gas has skyrocketed 100 times over normal in extreme weather. Governor Kerry (D) has called on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to investigate the case and immediately intervene to protect Kansas from the exorbitant electricity and gas payments resulting from rising prices.

Unemployment restrictions (SB177)
Workers in Kansas were eligible for up to 26 weeks of unemployment. In 2013, Republican lawmakers reduced it to just 16 weeks, adding an additional week based on the unemployment rate. At this stage of the pandemic, unemployed workers are eligible for 20 weeks, but the Republican legislature is pushing for a bill to immediately revoke a month’s worth of unemployment. The plan is from the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, which aims to force workers back into the labor market and is funding a large amount of Republican political movements.

Insurance Marketplace
Previden (D) issued an executive order in January, creating a special registration period. HealthCare.gov Insurance market. Uninsured or uninsured Kansas can be applied for by visiting the site until May 15th.

Rental support
Governor Kelly (D) has announced a $ 200 million rental aid program using federal aid designated for housing stability during a pandemic. For more information, please visit kshousingcorp.org.

Defender of children (HB2345)
A bill was heard to establish a Child Advocacy Department as a group to monitor the state’s foster care system. The office acts as an independent body for complaints, investigations, and recommendations regarding the improvement of the child welfare system, which suffered from noticeable failures during the tenure of former Governor Brownback (R).

One of several proposed medical marijuana bills will hold a House of Representatives hearing on Wednesday and Thursday. Commissions need to address different perspectives on eligibility, access, production, and tax rates. Several young Democratic representatives have instead submitted alternative bills to legalize adult marijuana and regulate it as well as alcohol.

come(Payday loan interest HB2189 / “Fairness in sports” SB208)
Most bills need to pass the committee by next Friday to stay alive this year. This week, we hear about the “fairness of women’s sports law” that puts girls on genital examinations to play sports in public schools, payday loan reforms that limit interest on small loans at an annual rate of 36%, and legislators move the bill. Many other people fighting for are seen before the deadline. In the coming weeks, you’ll get a better understanding of Congressional priorities.

Please wait. Stay engaged. Thank you to Kansas until next time.

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arctic blast, unemployment benefits, and a surge in gas prices Source link arctic blast, unemployment benefits, and a surge in gas prices

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