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In Florida, the COVID-19 restrictions have been significantly lifted, and one pandemic-stricken industry, the fitness industry, is beginning to return to normal this month.

At the beginning of the pandemic, gyms and health clubs forced termination The local government has enacted an urgent order to limit indoor meetings. When the gym reopened in Florida in May 2020, many adopted a new coronavirus safety policy in accordance with local regulations. This includes the requirement that members and guests wear masks when entering and exiting the building, and in some cases during training.

Well, after Governor Ron DeSantis Suspended all COVID urgent orders last week Also, due to the limited ability of local governments to impose pandemic restrictions, most major health clubs have masks as an option in Florida locations.

YouFit, Crunch, Planet Fitness, LA Fitness Spokespersons Talk New Times As of this week, they have lifted their mask obligations in Florida, but will continue to follow other COVID safety guidelines, including increasing social distance and frequently disinfecting equipment.

A spokesman for Crunch Fitness, a fitness chain based in Miami Beach and Cutler Bay, thanked DeSantis for lifting restrictions that some gym owners felt were disrupting their lives. ..

“I would like to thank Governor DeSantis for moving forward with plans to continue to lift restrictions on gyms and health clubs in Florida,” a spokesman said. New Times on mail. “The safety of our employees and members is our priority, and following the suspension of all remaining COVID restrictions by the Governor of Florida, Crunch South Beach encourages the use of masks in the gym. But they are no longer mandatory. Cleaning protocols and social distance in gym floors, classes, changing rooms. “

Hialeah 1901W. 39th St. Jesus Toledo, LA Fitness Operations Manager at LA Fitness, said: New Times The company’s Florida location was instructed last week that masks have become an option for members.

“Because we are a private company, the company has decided that it is optional for members to wear masks,” says Toledo.

Another popular gym chain, 24 Hour Fitness, has also made masks an option for those who attend gyms in Florida. WPLG Local 10..

Luxury fitness chain Equinox has a mask Recommended but not required At the location of Miami Beach and Brickell.

Last year’s gym reopening was celebrated by people eager for physical outlets during the pandemic blockade, but some gym members lamented that mask requirements were too burdensome and masked during exercise. Claimed to have difficulty breathing when wearing.In some cases Other parts of Country, Mask related discrepancies in the gym Became violent..

Wearing a mask while exercising is safe for people who do not have breathing problems such as chronic lung disease. Mayo Clinic, Maybe Interfere with athletic performance..

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) despite the removal of COVID restrictions in Florida We still recommend wearing a mask While in public with people who are not in your family.latest Miami-Dade County COVID Safety Guidelines The gym encourages outdoor exercise sessions when possible and recommends maintaining a social distance between gym members and fitness instructors.

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Are Masks Required at YouFit, Crunch, Planet Fitness, and LA Fitness?
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