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Wichita, Kansas 2022-06-30 19:38:58 –

Goddard, Kansas (KSNW) — Fireworks prices are skyrocketing due to rising shipping costs. Is the sticker shock damaging fundraising?

All proceeds from one fireworks stand in Goddard will be donated to dozens of nonprofits such as Lord’s Diner, Kansas Honor Flight and Guadalupe Clinic. As prices go up, organizers are worried that sales will be hit and they can’t help much.

Brian Sharping, Chairman of St. Elizabeth Anseton Knights of Columbus Fireworks, said:

For 15 years, St. Elizabeth Anseton Knights in Columbus has sold fireworks off Kellogg’s in Goddard and donated all of its proceeds to various organizations.

“We seem to be getting better little by little each year, so we can expand into new organizations. We expect sales to decline this year,” says Sharping.

This is because rising shipping costs are pouring into customers.

“I saw many customers pick up the item, like it, watch the video, and see them see their price. [go] “Oh,” they put it a little disappointed, “he said.

The annual fireworks tent is their biggest fundraiser.

“That is, we had to find a way to cut money or find other ways to raise money,” says Sharping.

Another tent at the Derby Theater, in some towns in Derby, is raising money for the local Scout Association of Japan 557.

“This is our first year. We have had the opportunity to do that. We want to buy a bigger tent for our trappers,” said Jeff Smith, Chairman of the Troop 557 Committee. ..

The remaining funds will be used to fund the boys’ camp.

“They are making estimates, and hopefully you know, $ 20,000, I want,” Smith said.

Despite the rise in prices this year, both tents expect Kansas to support justification.

“When Dad tells the kids, I feel great.” That’s why we’re here. They donate, “Shaping said.

The fireworks coordinator of St. Elizabeth Anseton Knights at Columbus Tent in Goddard said he plans to add fundraising to cover this year’s losses.

Are the high firework prices taking a toll on fundraisers? Source link Are the high firework prices taking a toll on fundraisers?

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