Argo AI Robotaxi abandons human safety driver in Miami and Austin

Argo AI will start unmanned driving in Miami and Austin.

Courtesy: Argo AI

Robotaxi startup Argo AI announced on Tuesday that it has begun operating autonomous test vehicles in two US cities, Miami and Austin, Texas, without a human safety driver. Ford– When Volkswagen-Supported company.

So far, these self-driving cars do not carry paid customers. However, they shuttle Argo AI employees who can operate in densely populated suburbs during daytime, business hours, and call vehicles via the test app.

CEO Bryan Salesky says he has been working on developing self-driving cars that can be safely driven in the city since its inception in 2016.

“From day one, we set out to tackle the most difficult mileage in multiple cities, where customer demand is high and autonomous platforms can expand it into sustainable businesses. We are developing the intelligence we need, “says Salesky. He said.

Argo has tested autonomous driving technology on the streets of eight cities in the United States and Europe, using heavily modified Ford and Volkswagen vehicles with human safety drivers.

Most of Argo’s Robotaxi still carry only Argo AI employees.However, since December, some of the company’s vehicles have Available to passengers in Miami Beach, FloridaVia Lyft’s ride-sharing network.

Lyft owns an approximately 2.5% stake in Argo AI. Vehicles available via Lyft will continue to be equipped with human safety drivers for the foreseeable future, the company said.

ArgoAI is one of several companies Working on a large-scale robotaxis deployment In the United States and other cities, no one has been able to carry large numbers of paid passengers 24 hours a day in busy urban neighborhoods.

General MotorsAssisted Cruise, a major rival of Argo AI, has launched an unmanned taxi service in San Francisco, but the service is currently limited to midnight hours and the company. I haven’t charged for the vehicle yet.. Waymo, alphabet A subsidiary born of the pioneering Google self-driving car project, it operates unmanned taxis with passengers in and around Phoenix.

Argo AI Robotaxi abandons human safety driver in Miami and Austin

Source link Argo AI Robotaxi abandons human safety driver in Miami and Austin

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