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ARIA Winter Wonderland Lights Up Holiday Season – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2020-11-21 13:16:17 –

Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

“ARIA’s front desk is ringing, are you listening? At the casino, the snow is shining. Beautiful sight, we are happy tonight. We are debuting the version of Winter Wonderland.”

ARIA illuminates the holiday season with its “Winter Wonderland” lobby display. Created by the ARIA pastry team and on display until Tuesday, January 5, this year’s highlight is the 15-foot-high custom-designed sugar palace made from edible ingredients. A seasoned team led by executive pastry chef Mathieu Lavallee spends more than four weeks building a sugar palace with seven sugar work techniques: pressed sugar bricks, crystal sugar-coated snowflakes, blow sugar swan, and blow and pull flowers. Was shown. Among other sweet works.

“We wanted to revive the candy house this year, but with an exciting new twist, we created a winter wonderland palace entirely in sugar,” said Matthew Lavalry, ARIA’s executive pastry chef. “The design of the Sugar Palace was a fun and unique challenge as it used several sugarwork techniques and took weeks of dedication and effort by a great ARIA pastry team to make it happen.”

Creating a holiday required nearly 4,000 pounds of sugar, creating 1,000 pressed sugar bricks, 500 cooked sugar sugar tiles, and a beautiful front window of a ton of sugar palace. In addition, 400 pounds of white royal icing was used to build the structure. Door decorations made of fondant au chocolat, sparkling white meringue drops on the roofline, and sugar icicles are some of the other stunning hand-carved items at Sugar Palace.

The Sugar Palace is located in a sparkling white and silver winter wonderland, designed and created by the MGM Resort Event Production Team in collaboration with the ARIA Horticulture and Facilities team. Oversized hand-carved ornaments such as carousel horses, ballerinas, pirate ships, snowflakes, swans and trains hang from the ceiling. The handmade palace features glittering winter forests of stacked custom-designed trees, white Manzanita trees detailed with white glittering lights and shimmering angel hair, and 17 feet of 500 crystals. Surrounded by holiday trees.

Winter Wonderland not only creates an idyllic environment for holiday-themed photography, but also creates chocolate coffee cups, candied oranges soaked in chocolate, white chocolate and peppermint popcorn, sugar cookies, and more by the ARIA Patisserie team. It also has ideas for delicious holiday gifts. Among the many other treats, milk chocolate cranberries. The Winter Wonderland retail area is open Monday to Thursday from noon to 8 pm and Friday to Sunday from noon to 10 pm. (Open until January 5th (Tuesday)).. In addition, in the physically remote seating area of ​​the Sugar Palace backyard, you can enjoy sweets while enjoying a hot holiday drink or a cocktail over the age of 21.

“Winter Wonderland” in numbers

Five: ARIA pastry chef team members create sugar palace

7: Sugar technology used – pull, blow, pour, push, spray, soak, plumb

1,000: Sugar brick made from the above 700 Pounds of sugar

500: Sugar tile created from the above 1,000 Pounds of cooked sugar

400: Royal icing pounds used to build Sugar Palace

1 ton: Sugar Palace front window weight (2,000 lbs)

76: Average pound of sugar consumed by one person per year

47: MRE team members involved in display assembly

500: Crystal used in Winter Wonderland Forest

7: Types of hand-carved ornaments for displays – carousel horses, ballerinas, pirate ships, horns, trains, snowflakes, swans

20: Glitter pounds

Ten: White paint gallon

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