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The distrust of the Phoenix-Arizona presidential election on November 3 and the months of auditing it created led to politically-led efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, and Texas. It is spreading rapidly across the country, the Secretary-General of Secure Democracy said Wednesday.

Secure Democracy, a non-partisan non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the integrity of US elections, held a virtual press conference the day after the Supreme Court of the Arizona ordered the publication of all audit documents. Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer provided further insights into the audit process and Cyber ​​Samurai, a Florida company hired by the state legislature to conduct more than two million “court audits.”

“25 state legislatures have introduced legislatures to give legislatures and other party officials more control over elections,” said safe democratic Sarah Walker. .. “The threat of financial or criminal sanctions is certainly and perhaps the action necessary for local government officials to secure their freedom and give them sufficient access to our democratic process. It will discourage you. “

An Arizona audit drew the attention of former President Donald Trump and his allies. He continues to claim that the November 3 election was stolen from him, albeit with evidence.

This is the third audit of the Maricopa County vote. The first two had no problems with the total number of votes, but the state legislature argued that: Another command..

Walker said secure democracy would continue to work with state-level allies to thwart election sabotage across the country, but said it was not very popular with voters.

“Republicans, Democrats, and Independence Party are united in opposition attempts to overturn the election results,” Walker said. “But they deal with an honest collection system and support measures to ensure that the system is accountable to voters, not politicians.”

Also at a press conference, former Kentucky Secretary of State Tray Grayson said voters did not pay much attention to the election audit and ballot counting process before the 2020 presidential election.

“I saw this happen after the 2000 election in Florida, where many people pay less attention to policy makers and others,” he said. “We need to make changes, and the country will pass legislation to prevent it from happening again, so I think one of the things local authorities can do is show them the process. “

The webinar came to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Tuesday that Republican-controlled Senate and cyber ninja, Senator Karen Fann, hired a company to conduct an audit must publish all documents about their work. It is the one that follows.

After the Arizona Republic and the nonprofit American Overseas have filed multiple proceedings, the High Court ruled on Tuesday that Cyber ​​Samurai must publish the document. According to The Arizona Republic..

Republican Richard said Cyber ​​Samurai hadn’t audited elections until March last year, and many election experts hadn’t heard of elections until they came to Arizona.

Cyber ​​Ninja did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

According to Richard, Cyber ​​Samurai almost completely hired Republicans, some of whom participated in the November ballot. While allowing only limited media access, there was no transparency in the audit process. And Joe Biden’s presidency has been led by those who claim to be illegitimate.

Ninja audits have so far only slandered the good people and further undermined confidence in the elections, “says Richard. “I don’t know how many of my staff have been targeted, despised, or harassed. This comes at a real human cost.”

Cyber ​​Ninjas was hired by Senator Arizona in March to audit the 2020 presidential ballot in Maricopa County, but the company published documents, conducted the audit, and who paid for it. Refused to provide insights into.

“The ninja made a series of claims, which were later returned with just” Oops “but did not apologize,” Richard said. “This happens when you no longer believe in experts.”

Richard said he plans to remain transparent while inviting the public as part of the process for future elections. “

“One of the good things that came from all this turmoil seems to be a lot of interest in elections,” Richard said. “Hopefully we can get more people involved in the process.”

Arizona audit spreading mistrust in election process across the country, officials warn | Elections Source link Arizona audit spreading mistrust in election process across the country, officials warn | Elections

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