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Washington-Arizona Democrats have called on Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate the state legislature’s audit of Maricopa County election results. Friday said it was just a “fake audit” disguised as a series of politically motivated attacks.

Their demand comes from a parliamentary committee launching its own investigation into Cyber ​​Ninja, a private sector contracted to conduct audits.

Wednesday’s House Surveillance Subcommittee gave Cyber ​​Samurai two weeks Create a document Show them any communication they have with their experience, policies, payment methods, and former President Donald Trump who has advocated audits like Arizona.

State Democrats welcomed a federal investigation that wanted Brunovich to urge him to do the same.

“Unless he (Brunovich) agrees to the investigation, there is no other conclusion we can draw, except that he does not mind Trump’s reported election interference,” said Senate Minority Leader Arizona. Rebecca Rios said on Friday.

At a news conference, Rios said with the addition of house minority leader Reginald Bolding and Arizona Democratic Chairman Raquelteran, Brunovich needs to take immediate action to stop the “illegal activity” he said was seen in the audit.

Requests for comment from both Brunovich and Cyber ​​Samurai were not immediately returned on Friday. However, in a meeting with the Senate Republican Party on Thursday, Cyber ​​Samurai CEO Doug Logan defended his company’s performance in an audit, saying that in the current six months, its operations are transparent throughout.

The meeting was held the day after the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Citizenship and Civil Freedom stated that there were “serious doubts” about Cyber ​​Ninja’s commitment to the project.

“The Commission is a free and fair election, whether a privately funded audit conducted by your company in Arizona protects your voting rights, or promotes unfounded conspiracy theories, undermines confidence in American elections. I’m trying to determine if it’s an effort to overturn the consequences of. “For the benefit of the party.” Subcommittee said In a letter to Logan.

The letter quoted a series of complaints about the auditor and the audit. This questioned the company’s inexperience in election law and audits, the inability to secure ballots and voting machines in “sloppy” procedures, and the “ability to guide fairness” by “accepting election conspiracy theories.” Includes the claim that is thrown. Election-related work. “

The letter asks Logan to provide a laundry list of documents by July 28, identifies the owner of Cyber ​​Samurai, lists previous election-related customers, and Trump, his campaign or his Disclosure of communication with government officials. The letter also seeks documents regarding negotiations with Senate leaders regarding audit contracts, sources of funding, and payment of work.

Many of these records are also sought in proceedings filed by the government’s oversight committee against Arizona Senate Chairman Karen Fann, who led the audit. A judge in the Maricopa County Superior Court this week dismissed fans’ allegations that the records were not subject to the state’s public records law as long as they were under the control of the private sector Cyber ​​Samurai.

“All documents and communications related to audit planning and execution, all policies and procedures used by the Senate Defendant’s representative, and who pays and funds this legislative activity, and exactly what. All records that specifically disclose the payment are subject to public records law, “Judge Michael Kemp wrote. Judgment Submitted on Thursday.

Fans have been confident that Arizona voters can be confident in their ability to hold state elections, rather than overturning the outcome of Trump’s elections since the start of the audit. I have insisted.

so Thursday meeting Logan, along with Fan, Senator Warren Petersen, and R-Gilbert, have reviewed more than two million votes for his company, but county officials before submitting a “complete forensic audit report.” He said he needed information from.

However, the Democratic Party said it did not expect immediate full reports of audits aimed solely at “weakening our democracy.”

“Undoubtedly, this (audit) was a one-sided decision from Senator Fan,” Rios said. “Democrats were willing to be this circus entertainment party.”

According to Terran, one way to end the sideshow is with Brunovich.

“Attorney General Mark Brnovich is obliged to confirm that Arizona and Maricopa County voters have an investigation,” but did not respond to the written request of the investigation, Terran said.

“Brunovich claims he is the one who holds Republicans and Democrats accountable,” she said. “Currently, the theory is being tested.”

In Washington, Arizona Republicans Andy Biggs of Gilbert and Paul Gosar of Prescott were both members of the House Oversight and Reform Commission and did not respond to requests for comment on the Subcommittee’s investigation.

However, D-Tucson Rep. Raul Grijalva praised the Commission’s investigation.

“The facts are clear. Joe Biden won the vote of the Arizona Electoral College. The fake process doesn’t change that,” said Griharva. Prepared statement. “The Home Oversight Committee confirms this’audit’about what it is: a shameful attempt by Arizona Republicans to overturn Arizona citizens’ votes and undermine confidence in our elections. “

Arizona Democrats call for audit probe, as federal panel starts its own | Elections Source link Arizona Democrats call for audit probe, as federal panel starts its own | Elections

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