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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-12-02 20:49:52 –

Phoenix, ArizonaKNXV) — Kyla Kraust and her husband Max consider the dog Ollie and the cat Pua to be a family.

When Max got the COVID-19 earlier this year, they wondered if he was in danger of passing it on to their furry companions. The Arizona Department of Health has sent him an email about volunteer research by the Translational Genomics Institute.
(TGen) That provides the answer.

Max, a Padres baseball scout, accepted the offer.

“For us and our unique situation, we just thought it was a good opportunity to provide whatever we could do to help them do their research,” Max said.

Hayley Yaglom, a genomic epidemiologist at TGen, said:

Yaglom collects nose and blood samples from animals in the owner’s home. What they found was that the owner was actually giving the COVID-19 to the pet.

“About 30 percent of these animals, again talking about dogs and cats, were positive,” Yaglom said.

The team asks pet owners to fill out a survey to find out how they interact with their pets. Do they kiss them? Do you hug them? Are their other pets snuggling up to each other?

Each answer provides more context about how the virus may have been transferred.

Yaglom stated that most pets tested positive had little or no symptoms. However, she added that five cats have fever and some breathing problems. But overall, pets recover quickly and do not infect humans with the virus.

“The virus can eventually change where exposed pets can infect humans. We don’t know. We need to study it,” Yaglom asked.

Thanks to pets like OLly and Pua, those answers have been found.

This story was originally reported by Cameron Polom on ABC15.com.

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