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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-10-25 11:27:22 –

Mesa, Arizona — Neighbors vs. Neighbors in one Mesa community off Guadalupe and Signalbute. Friendly competition has become a must-see attraction for children and families in this Halloween valley.

As a true Halloween horror setting, the story begins on a romantic street in the Mesa district. A person full of holiday bets between children, family, and neighbors.

“As I said, Brittany is very competitive,” said Allan Bloom.

“Well, I just want to be the winner,” said neighbor Brittany Laurie.

Brittany and David Lowery met Alain when he moved across the street last year. Alain bet on amicable competition to help break the ice.

“I met my neighbors and saw them putting out some decorations, and if you did, I made the mistake of challenging them to the decoration competition,” Alain said. Told.

Brittany immediately welcomed the challenge. She got all the skulls, skeletons and spooky decorations she found and looked for deals on Facebook and OfferUp. Use a bank at a large supermarket in search of the latest technology.

Her husband, David, was tasked with bringing it back to life immediately.

“I nod my head and say whatever you want,” said David with a laugh.

From 12-foot skeletons to 4-foot pumpkin-headed kids, what they made excited those who wanted a glimpse.


“It’s like a whole new world, especially on a night when everything is booming,” Brittany said.

“I love watching the kids come out. At night everyone goes out to see the lights and has a good time. It’s really great to see,” Alain said.

The neighborhood and everyone who enjoys these exhibits are big winners, but only one is chosen as the Halloween decoration champion.

“I won’t beat her, so I’ll be willing to make concessions,” Alain said with a smile.

Alain always has next year, but rivalry has left its infectious spirit behind and the community is approaching it.

“It was great to know and enjoy each other. It really connected the spirit with our neighbors,” Brittany said.

Cameron Polom of KNXV first reported this story.

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