Arizona Voting Trump Friendly Cyber ​​Samurai Audit Still Shows Biden Wins

A draft report of a Republican-backed review of the 2020 elections brought Arizona’s largest county. Donald Trump — The county said he actually confirmed the winner.

Very late reports from Cyber ​​Ninja, a Florida-based company whose owners spread the plot to support Trump, were repeatedly touted by Trump himself.

However, the draft “confirms that the county campaign for the 2020 general election is accurate and that the candidates identified as winners actually won,” the official Maricopa County account said on Thursday night. Tweeted.

“Unfortunately, the report is littered with false and false conclusions about how Maricopa County held the 2020 general election,” the county tweeted.

Contractors working for Cyber ​​Samurai hired by the Arizona Parliament count ballots from the 2020 general election at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on May 1, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. Working for

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Rather than finding out that Trump defeated the president Joe Biden In the most populous county in the highly competitive Swing State, Cyber ​​Samurai scored 99 votes for Biden and 261 votes for Trump. According to the New York Times, I got a copy of the draft.

“This is the end of the story. Everything else is just a fuss,” Jack Cellars, chairman of the Maricopa County Oversight Board, said in a statement.

“But I’m sure it isn’t,” he added, predicting that his board would be accused of failing to work with Cyber ​​Samurai. “How can we cooperate with a survey led by people who don’t know how to hold elections, not to mention elections in the second largest constituency in the United States?”

“I’ve heard that it’s very different from what’s reported,” Trump said in a statement Friday morning, claiming that the media misrepresented the findings of Cyber ​​Samurai.

He claimed that the company had revealed “undeniable evidence” of the fraud, even though he admitted that he had not yet seen the report, and demanded an investigation by the Attorney General.

Biden defeated Trump Over 45,000 votes In Maricopa, according to NBC News counts. Biden defeated Trump with about 10,000 votes across the state. Arizona county officials conducted a labor audit in the days following the November 3 elections No contradictions or irregularities were found in many counties..

Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber ​​Samurai, a member of the Maricopa County Elections Audit Team, gave interim results of a widely criticized audit of the 2020 elections in September in Phoenix, Arizona, by the Senate Chairman and Senate Judiciary Committee. Respond before presenting to the chair. 24th, 2021.

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At a hearing on Friday afternoon, Republican Senate President Karen Fann confirmed that the total number of final votes cast by Cyber ​​Samurai was close to the official count for Maricopa County.

“That’s a real statement. They were close,” fans said in a state legislature meeting room at the start of the event, but did not include public comments or questions.

However, fans also flagged concerns from the report, stating that some procedures were not properly followed.

Democrats in the House called Cyber ​​Samurai CEO on Thursday, Doug Logan, testifying at a hearing on October 7, following his “repeated refusal” to respond to an investigation into a “suspicious audit.”

Arizona Senate Republican Entrusted cyber ninja Despite it has No experience in election audit.. Logan tweeted in December the hashtag #StoptheSteal, which became the slogan among his supporters who claimed to be defeated in the elections to Trump and Biden.

A month later, on January 6, Trump speaks at a “stop stealing” rally outside the White House to pressure Republicans to oppose the results of major state electoral colleges. Instructed believers to march to the Capitol. Hundreds of Trump supporters broke into the Capitol, concealing and temporarily blocking Biden’s victory at a joint session of Congress.

Last month, Cyber ​​Ninja missed the deadline to submit a complete report. Logan and the other two became “quite ill” with the coronavirus, A state Republican said at the time.

Maricopa County and California Republican spokespersons did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for further comment on the draft findings of the report.

Democrat, Not just some RepublicansIn Arizona, audits have been accused of being politically motivated and incompetent.Election experts too Speak loudly For reviews and handling by Cyber ​​Ninja.

Carolyn Maloney (DN.Y.) and Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), Leaders of the House Oversight Committee. Sent Logan a list of concerns in JulyCiting his company’s inexperience, reports on “sloppy and unstable” practices, and those funding efforts “advance the” big lie “of allegations of uncovered fraudulent voting. Evidence that I tried to make you.

The Democratic Party asked Cyber ​​Ninja for a record, but Cyber ​​Samurai refused to respond and insisted: Congressman’s request was “ambiguous,” “under-defined,” or “too burdensome.”.. “

In a letter to Logan on Thursday, Maloney and Ruskin said, “Your company’s participation in the Maricopa County Audit, the issues raised in this letter and your previous letter to you on the Commission, and your Commission. Unjustified refusal to write to. “

Arizona Voting Trump Friendly Cyber ​​Samurai Audit Still Shows Biden Wins

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