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Arkadiusz Likus on creating Poland’s most fashionable shopping destination

A decade ago, Arkadiusz Likus opened Vitkac, realizing a dream – launching Warsaw’s one and only truly fashionable department store. And he honed his game plan from a famed fashion executive, the late Yves Carcelle.

Arkadiusz Likus

So, we caught up with Likus to hear his take on how he reinvented the fashion paradigm in Warsaw; managing a department store during the pandemic; and how Poland’s increasingly intolerant government is impacting his brand and his staff. How and why did you found Vitkac?
What is concept behind Vitkac?
AL: What does the name Vitkac mean?
AL: Which global brands do you retail?
AL: Who designed the building?
AL: What is your annual turnover?
AL: How has the pandemic impacted Vitkac?
AL: AWho is the owner?
AL: Who is your target customer?
AL: How important is your rooftop restaurant Concept 13?
AL: What is your long-term strategy?
AL: How has luxury retailing been doing in Poland?
AL: So you are you confident in the future?
AL: Yes. Poland is getting richer and richer and there is lots of money coming from the European Union. Unless this huge pandemic really ruins things, we will have a great future, even if only low double digits per year.


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