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Armed protests anticipated at Louisiana Capitol amid FBI warnings, state leaders say | Crime/Police – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-01-13 19:24:00 –

Governor John Bel Edwards said he hopes that the expected surge in protesters at the State Capitol next week will maintain peace, even as law enforcement prepares for the turmoil, and the FBI is launched. Day preparing armed protests in all 50 state capitals through.

A spokesman for the FBI’s New Orleans field office said he was working with state and local police to prepare for the upcoming “protest of a phrase that encourages armed action” at the Louisiana State Legislature. Meanwhile, Louisiana police said they expected a plural “protest.”

On Wednesday, January 6, supporters of President Donald Trump held a rally at the Louisiana State Legislature, where a Trump-supporting mob attacked the US House of Parliament and the US House of Representatives impeached the president. National and Louisiana law enforcement agencies are preparing for more protests in the coming days as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office.

State officials didn’t provide firm details, but law enforcement agencies appear to be keying the descent in the Capitol on Sunday or Wednesday. Months of legal opposition, violence, and the violent riots of January 6 when President-elect Joe Biden finally took office.

How a Louisiana Congressman voted for Donald Trump’s second impeachment

The ghost of a political barrel that ignited in the seats of the state government of Baton Rouge has sent to Louisiana and federal authorities more than dozens of steady demonstrators who have regularly come to the Capitol since November. I closed my mouth as to whether I expected it to appear. Peace against the loss of President Trump.

Executive branch spokesman Jack Berry said none of the organizers of the Trump support rally at the State Capitol had responded to requests to hold the event there and had not submitted it over the weekend. ..

Edwards said his administration was “monitoring the situation” in contact with “federal partners.”

“I called on the Louisiana people who intend to participate to protect your right to participate. At the same time, we ask you to make sure you comply with the law,” the governor said. He said on Tuesday, “We remind you when you gather what you are doing during a pandemic, and there is no doubt last week’s event at the (US) Parliament Building. It’s a super spreader event. “

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Supporters of President Donald Trump gathered at the Louisiana State Legislature on Wednesday, January 6, when a Trump-supporting mob attacked the US Capitol and the US House of Representatives impeached the president. National and Louisiana law enforcement agencies are preparing for more protests in the coming days as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office.

Officials said state police are coordinating with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office and the Baton Rouge Police, and the Public Security Bureau for the expected crowd.

Baton Rouge police spokesman Geno McNeely said the department would be attended by uniformed police officers, mounted police officers, and several undercover agents.

Our readers share a strong opinion on the Capitol riots: See Choosing a Letter to the Editor

In a statement, the FBI said its efforts “focused on inciting violence and identifying, investigating and confusing individuals engaged in criminal activity.”

Edwards quickly realized that protesters demonstrating outside the Capitol last weekend had demonstrated “without lawlessness, property damage, and violence.” And surely we expect it to continue. I hope it continues. “

As Biden won the election to show his support for the president, Trump supporters appeared in various numbers every weekend at the State Capitol.

The Military Times reported on Wednesday that some governors have begun revitalizing the National Guard, in addition to the thousands of National Guard mobilized to Washington DC for security before and after the inauguration on January 20. ..

However, Edwards’ office did not show on Wednesday that the governor was ready to deploy National Guard prior to the Louisiana protest. A spokeswoman said he would do so “when needed.”

Edwards said he was “angry and sad” at what he saw in the massacre and destruction at the US Capitol last week and was surprised during the week he called “a difficult and dark country for us.”

“It’s more than we all should expect to see in the United States,” he said.

Jeff Laundry refuses to sign a bipartisan letter condemning violence in the US Capitol, Penn’s own letter

Attorney General Jeff Laundry, Louisiana’s top Republican and one of the governor’s frequent sparring partners, warns of “sneaky” violence at the US Capitol last week and rebukes himself severely. It came out this week. Similar violent disgust at the US State Capitol.

Laundry participates in the Board of Directors of the Rule of Law Defense Fund, an organization of the Republican Attorney Generals Association that he led last year. Media reports have run out of money to send Robocall to promote the “March to Save America,” which has transformed into a parliamentary riot. Five people were killed and the House of Representatives barked in a bloody, unplanned riot bid.

Laundry issued a statement two days after the attack, expressing anger and saying he was unaware of Robocall. But this week he broke up with a larger group of Attorney Generals nationwide over signing the accusations of violence.

On Twitter on Tuesday, Laundry equated the US Capitol turmoil with “violence, destruction, and looting in our country last summer,” referring to national protests against racial injustice.

Elsewhere, a Protrump rally is scheduled for Saturday in Lafayette, where organizers claim it as a peaceful gathering, but the Ambassador Row Shopping Center declares parking to be off limits to groups. doing.

Another type of protest was planned in New Orleans on January 20, organized by an anti-Trump group on the streets in a demonstration that ended with vandalism and the arrest of 15 people four years ago.

Malcolm Suber, one of the organizers of the J20 Nora rally and marching to downtown Duncan Plaza, said he was less concerned about the violence scheduled for next week than Washington’s politics. ..

“We go there because we don’t think the Democratic Party is the answer to the Trump administration and the working class people in this city,” Suber said.

He said the group wanted a third party for workers and did not trust Democratic leaders to fight what he described as the “threat” that led to the parliamentary riots. ..

“They know the threat will come before last Wednesday and are preparing for the Black Lives Matter movement, so it certainly does nothing to ask the Capitol Police, the FBI, or the National Guard for preparation. It wasn’t, “he insisted.

Suber, the leader of the Take’Em Down NOLA movement, who fought to remove the Confederate monument from the cityscape, said he was hoping for the usual big police around the protests.

In an attempt to remove the monument, the enemy camps and “wields weapons at our event,” while “threatening us to drown in blood many times,” he said. However, no major violence occurred.

“We kept our fighting power. We didn’t try to play for the camera and we have a 60 second report on the CNN,” Suber said.

Armed protests anticipated at Louisiana Capitol amid FBI warnings, state leaders say | Crime/Police Source link Armed protests anticipated at Louisiana Capitol amid FBI warnings, state leaders say | Crime/Police

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