Armed robbery suspect arrested by Tulare County Sherriff’s Office – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-11-30 21:29:33 –

Tulare County, California (KFSN)-Authorities say they have stopped a series of armed robbery in Tulare County.

The sheriff’s adjutant pulled Nicholas Parisela on Monday and soon realized he was being asked for more than a traffic violation.

The 35-year-old boy is currently booked in a South County detention center on charges of armed robbery and theft.

“I’m really happy that one of our agents was vigilant enough and had a picture of this person in mind, so when he pulled him for something irrelevant, he took it. We were able to do that, “said Ashley Ritchie, office media supervisor at Tulare County Sherriff.

Pariela wanted it because it robbed the Guadalajara market on Avenue 196 in Strassmore last Tuesday. Then on Sunday, just 15 minutes down the road, the agent responded to another robbery at the Laps Market on Springville Avenue in Porterville.

The detective also linked Pariela to the crime.

“I also pulled out my gun and demanded money. The clerk told him he couldn’t open it, but he got what he could do and ran away for hundreds of dollars.”

Pariela is not a stranger to the sheriff’s office.

“He is known to us. He has been previously convicted of a felony and is two strikers, so if convicted, it will be his third strike.”

His previous accusations include robbery, massive theft, possession of stolen property, theft of personal information, and vandalism.

Authorities say driving him off the street means that local businesses and residents are safer. Detectives believe he has toured multiple South Valley communities and is also involved in additional robbery.

They want to remind you to take special precautions. Investigation is ongoing. If you have any information, please contact TCSO at 559-733-6218.

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Armed robbery suspect arrested by Tulare County Sherriff’s Office Source link Armed robbery suspect arrested by Tulare County Sherriff’s Office

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