Armie Hammer Checks Rehab in Abuse Scandal: Report

Armie Hammer have Check-in reportedly A treatment center after months of scandals in which he was accused of abuse and rape by multiple women.

Is Call me by your name Actor, 34 was witnessed at Grand Cayman Airport on May 29 and left the Cayman Islands. He has been staying since early MayTo check in to a rehab facility for drugs, alcohol, sexual problems, Vanity Fair It was reported on Tuesday, June 8th.

According to witnesses Is Social network Star My wife, who is living separately, dropped me off at the airport Elizabeth Chambers, Who he shares Daughter Harper, 6 years old, Son Ford, 4 years oldThe former Spouse to quit in July 2020 It’s been 10 years since I got married. Hammer checked in at a facility in Florida on Monday, May 31st.

Armie Hammer. Charles Sykes / Invision / AP / Shutterstock

“Everyone thinks Army is living some kind of privileged life, which must mean that when he was young, everything was fine and everything was enthusiastic,” said the actor’s close friend. A friend told the outlet, “But that’s not always the way things should go. Just because you grew up in a well-funded environment doesn’t mean that life isn’t a problem.”

Confirmed by a friend of the Hammer family Vanity Fair It Is Uncle man Star “I promise to be healthy and have custody of my children.”

Hummer’s rehab stay 5 months later The actor was scrutinized when Suspicious text message Appeared online between him and a few women. Unidentified exchanges detailed Hammer’s disturbing fantasies, such as cannibalism and rape.

Is Born in California Dealed with “Bulls” situation In late January, after the news that he wasn’t co-starring anymore Jennifer Lopez In a future movie Shotgun wedding..

“Malicious Fake online attack on meConscientiously, you can’t leave children for four months to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic, “he said. TMZ At the time. “I am grateful to Lionsgate for supporting me in this regard.”

The scandal continued when the hammer was blamed Brand of his ex girlfriend Page Lorenze By engraving his initials on her lower waist. The 23-year-old model was interviewed in January Daily mail She was “trauma” by the actions of the hammer, “real life” their relationship 50 Shade of Gray Without love. “

Is lone Ranger The actor’s lawyer denied Lorenze’s allegations and said: Weekly They were “obviously not true” in a statement. Two months later, when the woman named her, Hammer was attacked again. Effie Angelova She claimed to have been “violently” raped by him in 2017..

“[He] He became more and more violent and crossed my boundaries and used me mentally, emotionally and sexually, “she said at a press conference in March.

We In the same month, the Los Angeles Police Department “launched an investigation into sexual assault” a month ago, saying the investigation was still “in progress.”

Hummer’s lawyer said. We When he “welcome the opportunity to correct the record,” he called Angelova’s allegations “attention, unwise legal bidding.” [that] It only makes it more difficult for true victims of sexual violence to get the justice they deserve. “

Is Rebecca The actor has been since Dropped by his personal spokesperson And by WME in the light of claims.

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Armie Hammer Checks Rehab in Abuse Scandal: Report

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