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Arquesta Del SolSoul is back after a pandemic-induced pause – Kansas City, Missouri

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A member of Arquesta DelSol Soul. //courtesy Arquesta Del Sol Soul

After the suspension of COVID-19 Arquesta Del Sol Soul Running again. Their first performance will take place on July 23rd at Lemonade (e) Park, where they are playing with Blvck Hippie and Dreamgirl.

The band is a Kansas City-based 6-piece music group consisting of Les Izmore, Brad Williams, Chalis O’Neal, Irving Graham, Jade Green of the Black Creatures, and Jessica Ayala. Of the pitch Best spoken word artist of 2018.

“It feels great to be back! It’s a real blessing to break the bread with my bandmates and rehearse again at the Musician Foundation as it used to be,” says Ayala. “There is nothing like smelling sage, incense and percussion in the same space. You really miss the stage, travel, dance floor, interaction with other artists and, of course, the joy and liberation of the audience. did.”

Members of Arquesta Del Sol Soul describe themselves as afro futurists. Although their influences are numerous, the band says they are inspired by their musical ancestors in the Caribbean, Latin America, and West, Central, and Southern Africa.

The list of inspirations includes Sun Ra Arkestra, Fela Kuti, Joe Arroyo, Wilson Manyoma, Toto La Momposina, Irakere, Nina Simone, Octavia E Butler, Victoria Santa Cruz, Parliament Funkadelic, Prince, James Brown, Dungeon Family, Stevie. Wonder, John Coltrane, Count Basie, Erica Badu, Celia Cruz, Renata Flores, Bomba Estero, Mercedes Sosa, Duke Ellington, Camp Law, OutKast, Harushi Nation, a tribe called Red, Steve Lacy.

Looking at the ancestors of these music, Arquesta Del Sol Soul blends soul, hip-hop, R & B, rock, Afro-Latino percussion, and spoken language.

Creating their songs involves colonization, time-bending, and deliberate and consumptive processes. The end result is something that is part of all their writing and performance. To understand, you have to see and experience.

“This process begins with self-love, self-discovery, the dismantling of colonization, and the creation of rebirth guided by our ancestors,” says Ayala. “The next step is to allow our ancestors to guide our creativity as a seventh generation that has made it possible to inherit and preserve music, percussion, writing, storytelling and poetry. Everything is part of the decolonization that takes us to another dimension. Not everything can be explained in words. You have to come to see us to feel us and feel the community and ancestors. I can’t. ”

Through their music, Arquesta Del SolSoul wants to connect with the audience, introduce another aspect of music and encourage them to begin their own decolonization process.

Tickets for the July 23 performance are available Here.. The door opens at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm. Blvck Hippie begins, followed by Dreamgirl at 9pm. Arquesta DelSol Soul ends the night at 10 pm. The band’s future performances will take place on August 22nd at the GEM Theater and in September. .10 at the replay lounge. Follow Arquesta DelSol Soul Instagram And Facebook Get the latest information.

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Arquesta Del SolSoul is back after a pandemic-induced pause Source link Arquesta Del SolSoul is back after a pandemic-induced pause

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