“Arrested Development” and “Archer” star Jessica Walter dies at age 80

The daughter said in a statement Thursday that Jessica Walter, an Emmy-winning actress known for starring in “Arrested Development” and “Archer,” has died. She was 80 years old.

“It’s from the bottom of my heart to confirm that my beloved mother, Jessica, has died,” her daughter Brooke Bowman said in a statement. “Her joy as an actor who has been active for over 60 years has been to bring joy to others through storytelling, both on-screen and off-screen.”

Walter played a variety of roles throughout his career and was awarded the Emmy Award for playing a young California police detective in “Amy Prentice” in 1975.

When she started on the Broadway stage, Walter gained criticism as a television and film actress in the production of “Nightlife,” “Photo Judgment,” and “Advice and Consent,” and the process of her career. Nominated for three other Emmy Awards, along with two Golden Globe Award nominations.

She was praised for portraying Lucille Bruce in “Arrested Development.” This is a wealthy and unruly patriarch who has been forced to deal with the loss of children and her property. She shared three Screen Actors Guild Award nominations with her castmates for the show.

Jessica Walter
2017 Jessica Walter.

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David Cross, who played Lucille’s son-in-law, called this portrayal one of the greatest characters on television.

“I just heard the shy news that Jessica Walter is an absolutely amazing actress and a great talent,” Cross said. Tweet.. “I think I’m privileged and very lucky to be able to work with her.”

Tony Hale, who played Lucille’s son Buster, called Walter “power” in a moving goodbye message. “Her talent and timing were unmatched,” Hale said. Tweet Thursday. “Mama Bruce sleeps peacefully”

Walter leaves his daughter Brooke and his grandson.

“Arrested Development” and “Archer” star Jessica Walter dies at age 80

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