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I’m Art Kumbalek, man oh manischewitz is the world, Aina?So listen, if you need more false evidence that the brave house has been replaced by the Dunce Alliance, here’s the evidence from Texas (an intellectual garden spot going by the name of Southlake, I’m sure What I happened to find The other day:

Last week, top managers of the Carroll Independent School District in South Lake said that if there were books on the Holocaust in the classroom, the audio recordings obtained would need to provide students with access to the books from an “opposite” perspective. I advised. According to NBC News.

OK, I can understand the “opposite perspective” on the best center fielders to play the game, such as Willie Mays and Joe DiMaggio (Willie, just a few words). Or the most sneaky TV sitcom ever, “Gilligan Kimishima” or “Car 54, where are you?”. Or the hottest silver screen siren, Marilyn Monroe or Ava Gardner. However…

Genocide? Is it possible that there is an “opposite perspective” on this day of our time? Is it possible to return Texas to Mexicans as a starting point?

The second paragraph of this NBC story looks like this:

Gina Pedi, executive director of the Carroll School District’s curriculum and teaching, commented Friday afternoon during a training session on books that teachers could have in the classroom library. The training took place four days after Carroll’s school board voted to rebuke a fourth-grade teacher who had an anti-racist book in the classroom in response to a parent’s complaint.

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Young Luke and Ladybird’s classrooms don’t have racist books, so they’ve come to love Texan’s parents in their arms to balance the scale of fairness and justice, Aina? What an idiot.

Anyway, the power to my tiny apartment recently decided to take longer than a short break, and I was desperate for any kind of sensory stimulus, and I dwarfed the colossal statue. Rhodes decided to shave a pile of mail, I wouldn’t make you a kid.

And opening an email to me is almost as fun as receiving a phone call, summoning, or king-sized carbuncle at my dupa. Receiving mail is like watching a cockroach in the kitchen. No matter how hard you trample, you can see that there are many more where they came from. It’s a leak where you can’t hook the plug, what’s the hook.

But rifling email wasn’t as intolerable as I thought it would be. And you don’t know, inside that tower was a nice letter (how old) from my old companion Les, a world traveler, and a famous trafficker with sound ideas. It may be). Les mentioned his companion who had just started Viagra after leaving the game for a few years, but asked a confusing question about the new status of his private life. He asked Les if there was a difference between the G-spot and the golf ball. Les said he thought there was. The difference is that he spent at least 20 minutes looking for a nifty golf ball. Les asked me if he thought he was right, and all I can say is that there is no way in hell to discuss whatever Les suggests. Take Guckenheimer and Mascatel to me wherever you are.

And like Les, people always ask me things. That’s why I don’t answer the questions I receive by email individually. Do you take the time to write “Hey, imagine it yourself” in addition to the stamp? Indeed, in my book zero is a number.

Still, I think Les’s concerns about the plight of his friends are inspiring. And in my mound’s email, between a note from the IRS and an ironclad warship that guarantees a million dollars in a hip pocket near me, a thirst for knowledge, as I can only do There was a dissatisfaction with a thirsty couple that seemed to be a slake.

So, in honor of Les’ compassion for his companions, this time I will respond to some knuckle heads instead of blowing them off as I usually do. (I decided to refrain from printing the correspondent’s name.

Hey art, what a hell, huh? I’m a musician, but there are some things I don’t understand. No, I’m not a drummer. Why do bagpipe players always walk when playing? And is there really a difference between a banjo and a chainsaw?

OK buddy. First of all, thank you for letting me know that you are not a drummer. Because I know you might be reading, I’m going to take the time to write the response now. The reason bagpipe players walk when playing is to allow them to escape the noise. Second, do you call yourself a musician and don’t know the difference between a banjo and a chainsaw? You need to cramp my beefaloni. Any real musician knows that chainsaws have a much wider dynamic range. Don’t quit your daily work.

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Dear Kumbalek, I’m 11 years old and want to be a writer someday. Do you know what happened to Joe Camel, and do you know the cool torture I haven’t heard yet?

(What an idiot, Joe Camel ??? When was this letter sent? Jesus H. Christ, I really should check my email more often.)

Listen to Kid, I don’t know what happened to Joe Camel, and I don’t care. How can you be ridiculous? No knob shine knows that camels do not smoke, but knows that chimpanzees smoke frequently, especially on variety shows, if they are old enough to enjoy TV in the “Golden Age”. Had those cigarette wagons used ridiculous monkeys to push their products, the turmoil over children’s smoking would never have happened. ..

Well, cool torture? You know, like me, I soaked flaming bamboo shards in poisonous acid and pushed the kazoo sideways. It’s nothing. The real torture is to sit at a desk and try to fill a 3 lb bag, and you only get 1 lb of fertilizer. I suggest that you forget that you are a practicing writer and consider raising Fock instead.

(Email is enough. I may try the mountains again next year, but I have to live longer. So time to quench my thirst other than knowledge, thirst is hell. I am Art Kumbalek, That said, I’m much better at soothing, at least more practiced.)

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