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Wichita, Kang (KSNW) – Local organizations are using their muscles to provide a platform for inspiring, seeing and listening to young people.

Destination innovation June is all about young people and celebrates black culture. KSN News visited Mulberry Art Gallery To see the work of art first.

“The sunshine behind these pictures means joy. Our youth need joy. It’s a masterpiece with a meaningful message,” said Destination Innovation CEO and Founder. Marquetta Atkins said. “The burning microphone means it’s time for young people to express their voice.”

The roots are too deep to mute (KSN photo)

She states that the organization is a hub for youth leadership and development, and its mission is to amplify young voices.

“we have descendantsOur youth who touched the juvenile justice system we teach advocacy for leadership, and how to change policies in ways that affect them, and Root power Is a civic participation group that teaches young people how the system works, and that they are learning to inspire because they have the power of voice if they do not have the power to vote. I’ll let you know, “says Atkins. “All our programs are designed to provide young people with the network, resources and ideas to become successful leaders.”

Atkins recalls her own journey in choosing a path and uses that lesson as an inspiration to show young people that there are multiple ways to make a difference.

“We change the story by empowering young people, so you know I’m an old school,” Atkins said. “When I grew up, the children wouldn’t have been seen and heard. In our space, the children were seen and heard. Looking at the history of the world, what happened to young people is wonderful. It’s very important because it was the catalyst for that. “

Recent events provide a platform for talking to young people today.

“Youth voice Cedric Lofton Case The young man who happens and loses his life is very important. We want to be a voice, “Atkins said.

Atkins helped crescendo these voices and asked Wichita artist Camera Eaton to create a piece called Too Deeply Rooted to be Muted.

“I automatically thought of trees. Large rooted trees are a symbol of such strength,” Eaton said.

She used colors to catch the eye, stimulate emotions, and ignite change.

“These young people are our own fire, they continue to speak out, become our future policy changers, transform this city and never be quiet, so this artwork is so. It means, much for me, “Atkins said.

Works by Too Deeply Rooted to be Muted can be found in the Mulberry and Chainlink galleries.I have a list of events It happened in honor of Juneteenth this weekend. The first is a conversation at Macadam’s Park on June 18th, where youth and their initiative will tell you what changes are needed.

Art used to amplify young voices in Wichita Source link Art used to amplify young voices in Wichita

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