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Artificial intelligence drives next-generation street sign – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Arlington Heights, Illinois — Smartphones and GPS make paper maps virtually obsolete, putting the power of navigation in your pocket. But now engineers are working on high-tech updates to other directional tools that could revolutionize the way we find our way.

The first road signs date back hundreds of years. They help you understand where you are and where you are heading.

But what if they could be updated hourly all day long to keep you informed of what’s happening around you?

“This is a fully functional road sign that basically enables marketing, promotion and communication to the general public,” said Michael Ottoman, showing off a high-tech version of the old road sign.

Ottoman is a manufacturer of high-tech smart signs known as point signs, Points Lab, LLC. Is the president of, and has the potential to become the future of road signs.

It looks simple enough from the outside, but it’s actually very complicated.

“It allows the municipality to talk to the community,” said the Ottoman Empire. “This allows local stores to talk to the community and allow the community to come in and get directions for the information itself.”

Smart Signs are essentially artificial intelligence-driven stationary robots that provide real-time, up-to-date directional information to help you reach your destination.

When the information is sent to the point sign, the three fins rotate around the pole.

“If you’re in an amusement park and want to ride a ride, it not only tells you the right direction, but also the waiting time for that right,” said CEO Sajid Patel. Co-founder of Optimal Design.

The project is a collaboration between Points Lab and Patel’s award-winning engineering team Optimal Design, an innovation company that develops everything from wearables and virtual reality devices to smart city products such as Points Sign.

“Our specialty is the ability to develop outdoor electronics with many built-in durability. That is, everything from seismic verification to hurricanes to wind resistance. And always a factor of use and abuse. There is also, “Patel said.

Road signs also have a touch screen display panel.

“It’s interactive, which means you have access to the display itself,” says Ottoman. “You can say,’What’s going on with your meal?’ It drops some places to eat for what you’re interested in.”

The view menu is updated like everything around it. The menu updates its options as more appropriate, popular, or timely events approach.

“We recommend installing a lightning detector in the park to capture and send information in the event of a lightning strike so that the alarm” everyone is away from the ball field “can be sounded,” Ottoman said. The empire says.

From an advertising perspective, you can detect the number of people around you and showcase your sale at a local cafe.

In the event of a local emergency, you can adjust and reorient your message to direct the crowd to a safe haven in the event of a storm.

“For example, if an amber alert or a tornado alert occurs, that type of message will have the emergency message take precedence over everything else,” Ottoman said.

Smart road signs can be permanent, semi-permanent, or even temporary for short-term events such as conventions and outdoor concerts.

Promoted as the most advanced directional smart sign on the planet, Point Sign will begin rolling out next year in smart cities, convention centers and even airports.

Artificial intelligence drives next-generation street sign Source link Artificial intelligence drives next-generation street sign

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