Artificial reefs installed at John’s Pass – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-12-07 17:41:26 –

Madeira Beach, Florida — On Tuesday, business owners and local groups united to install artificial reefs around the Johns Pass dock to promote cleaner waterways in the Tampa Bay area.


“Water is our economy, and without clean and healthy waterways and water ecosystems, we have no economy,” said Captain Dylan Hubbard, owner of Hubbard Marina. “Our coastal communities rely on these clean waters and beautiful beaches for our tourism, and most people’s work is somehow related to the tourism industry.”

At John’s Pass, business owners like Hubbard are passionate about that goal. On Tuesday afternoon, we worked with several groups such as the Eco Conservation Project, Captain Planet, and St. Pete Fishing Outfitters to set up two artificial reefs around the Hubbard Marina dock.



“When we develop the coastline, we create revetments and strengthen the coastline by removing the mangrove coastline that once covered our coastline,” Hubbard said. “Also, the recent outbreak of red tide and all the pollutants that have recently flowed into the water have significantly reduced our natural grass beds.”

Over time, Hubbard explains that artificial reefs will settle in grass, barnacles, oysters, and small corals, all of which facilitate filtration of local and surrounding water. He says their goal is to have an artificial reef structure under every dock. This softens the coastline, filters more water and keeps the waterways clean.

“Then, if a red tide occurs or pollutants enter the waterway, these filtration systems will naturally cleanse those systems, and hopefully if a red tide occurs, it will. It won’t last long, as long as it won’t be that focused, “Habard said.

Hubbard hopes this is only the first of many installations, but is also looking for more locations around the area to install more artificial reefs.

“If someone owns a house on the water and doesn’t care about one of these artificial reefs installed under the dock, it cleans millions of gallons of water a month, keeps the waterways clean, and It’s a great way to help promote better water quality, “Habard said.

Artificial reefs installed at John’s Pass Source link Artificial reefs installed at John’s Pass

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