Arts Incubator Planned for Mitchell Street – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-11-30 11:53:50 –

The future of Mitchell Street on the south side of Milwaukee has been in the air for a long time, especially after the Goldman’s Department Store (930 W. Historic Mitchell Street) and Mojeska Theater (1134 W. Historic Mitchell Street) closed. The South Side area, which was and is still the landing site for Milwaukee’s immigrant population, was dominated by institutions.

Shortly after Goldman closed in 2017, department store co-owner Jerry Lewis opened Mitchell Street Men’s Wear in the building that housed Kunze Le Mans Esser (710 W. Historic Mitchell Street). Mind. Mitchell Street Men’s Wear lasted for several years, but was closed after Lewis’s death.

The planning of free space was carried out by Rew Gordon. Director of “Mitchell Street Arts Club”, the working title of the planned art and business incubator. Gordon came from Chicago to Milwaukee last year to work on the Biden campaign and began to love the city more and more.

Recently, a leaflet was circulated for a “neighborhood listening session” about what happens in ample space. Community members and city officials are now listening and sharing their views.

According to Gordon, “This project was built on a simple backbone that included a studio for working artists. Both city council member Jose Perez and BID # 4 director Nancy Bush were in the early stages. So people often said they would call their office for such a place.

“Further research shows that there is a shortage of artist studios throughout the city. Beyond that component designed to be a small footprint across the space, the project listens to stakeholders. It was then designed by investigating what is commercially viable for the new nonprofit. ”Gordon plans technical support resources for many companies in the region, including restaurants. ..

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Space events are also planned. “We will hire a stage manager from this area to help shape the programming of all the communities that call our neighborhood home,” says Gordon. “The listening session brought a lot of excitement to the project. It was an opportunity to hear where everyone in the room came from.”

There were some complaints. “The community needs to be more involved in what’s happening in the neighborhood, especially if it’s run by someone who isn’t from the neighborhood,” said one resident who wanted to remain anonymous.

However, most residents’ Gordon space plans also include manufacturer space with access to small galleries, co-working areas, woodworking machines, kilns, ceramic equipment, darkrooms, street art rooms, and more. It is set to be a place for people to work, learn, experiment, grow and play at an affordable membership price.

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