Artwork transformed into gifts at Driscoll Children’s Hospital – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-12-01 19:39:33 –

In preparation for the holiday season, the hospital gift shop turns into a workshop and the patient turns into a little Santa helper.

Corpus Christi, Texas-Driscoll Children’s Hospital’s gift shop sells things that help bring smiles to patients all year round, but there are some special gifts in December.

December is well known as the joyous month of the holidays with decorations, sweets and carefully wrapped gifts from Santa Claus. In preparation for the holiday season, Driscoll’s gift shop will turn into a workshop, the manager will turn into Mrs. Klaus, and the patient will be Santa’s helper.

“What we do is special every day at this store,” Kramer said. “Our focus is always on the patients and giving them a break from what’s happening.”

Kramer has been running a gift shop for over 20 years. She anticipates their holiday projects every year. All projects for patients to create holiday gifts.

“That makes this place so unique,” Kramer said. “Because it’s a year-round project for a team of art cart volunteers, they visit with patients who make products with artwork all year round.”

The patient creates a holiday work of art.

“It’s very exciting. Kids are really looking forward to it,” Kramer said. “They put a lot of effort into this, and it’s really great to celebrate the kids in this way to see and sell their efforts and efforts in these beautiful items.”

Their artwork transforms into a book full of ornaments, shirts and even illustrations.

“The artists aren’t just Corpus Christi. They’re from Laredo, Valley. All their little pictures are featured in front of the book,” Kramer said.

Items are tagged, but gift shop workers say it’s valuable to see the happiness that the event brings to the patient.

“It’s great to give these kids the opportunity to think beyond what’s happening in their lives right now and allow volunteers to do that,” Kramer said.

Income from the purchase of holiday cards made by patients will be returned to them with scholarships. If you want to buy them or other items you made this year, click here.

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Artwork transformed into gifts at Driscoll Children’s Hospital Source link Artwork transformed into gifts at Driscoll Children’s Hospital

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