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Denver, Colorado 2021-09-07 23:20:48 –

Alvada, Colorado — Constant noise and persistent odors have become a 24-hour reality for groups of Alvada residents.

“The problem is sitting, idling, and running for days when we’re trying to sleep,” said Dana Smiley. “It’s midnight. We’re trying to hang out during the day.”

According to Smiley, Union Pacific, with several railroad tracks in the city, has trains idling hundreds of yards from the backyard. Neighbors said train noise was the worst for residents living by railroad tracks near Brown Court in Alvada.

“What we don’t care about is the train sitting on the railroad tracks. The problem is idling for a few days. If they idle for two hours and then take off, that doesn’t seem to be a terrible thing for us.” Smiley said, “But when it’s idling and loud noise and smoke days, it matters.”

Smiley said she had lived in her house for five years and hadn’t dealt with the problem until recently.

“It’s happened quite often in the last couple of months,” she said. “When the wind is blowing in a particular direction, there is toxic smoke, you get all the toxic smoke.”

In 2015, Denver Post’s Denver 7 partners reported: Alvada’s contract with Union Pacific For quiet zones at four intersections in the city, hoping to reduce train horns.

The train currently in question is not in one of these zones.

Union Pacific Railroad describes the situation as follows:

“This is frustrating and we apologize for any inconvenience. We are aware of this issue and plan to move the train as soon as possible.”

The city of Alvada said it had forwarded resident feedback to the Union Pacific Railroad, but beyond that, “there are no railroad-related regulators.”

Authorities did not provide further information on why the train remained idling, but according to the Union Pacific Railroad website, the train could be idle for four reasons. Prevents the train cooling system from freezing in cold weather.

Arvada residents frustrated over train left idling Source link Arvada residents frustrated over train left idling

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