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As Bridge City Center drama escalates, officials discuss reopening Jetson Center for Youth | Crime/Police – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2022-06-20 17:25:00 –

With yet another escape 2 hours standoff At the Embarrassed Bridge City Youth Center in Jefferson Parish, authorities are discussing moving 30 juvenile criminals to a closed Baker facility that temporarily housed female prisoners since the 2016 flood. ..

For months, juvenile justice officials have struggled to deal with ongoing issues at the Bridge City Campus. Over the past year and a half, more than 12 boys have fled and in some cases staff have been injured on the Bridge City Campus.

Last thursday Twenty boys detained in the center hijacked part of the buildingAuthorities urged the deputy of Jefferson Parish Sheriff and SWAT members to be dispatched to restore order. Two of the young people and a judicial center employee were injured and taken to the hospital for treatment.

That same day Five boys reportedly escaped through a hole in the bathroom ceiling...

According to Senator Patrick Connick of R-Marello, it marked a turning point.

Mr Conick said he and other local representatives met with Governor John Bel Edwards on Friday to discuss possible solutions.

“The first problem is that the Bridge City Center wasn’t designed to contain these juvenile criminals,” Conick said. “There are no guards. As a result, the boys are running away. They know how to get away from the facility and talk to their friends.”

At the meeting, OJJ representatives suggested using the Jetson Center for Youth in Baker as a short-term solution to intensifying violence, Conick said. According to Conick, female inmates at the Louisiana Women’s Correction Center have been detained in Jetson since the 2016 flood destroyed the campus, but the facility’s wing is to accommodate 30 juvenile criminals. May be blocked.

According to Conick, it will take about three months to repair the wings. And he said this arrangement would be more effective than the open-floor dormitory concept of the Bridge City facility, which promotes dysfunction.

“At this time, OJJ has no immediate plans to move young people under our control to the Jetson Center for Youth,” said a spokesperson for OJJ.

Officials in the Baton Rouge area responded cautiously on Monday afternoon.

Mayor Darnell Waits declined to comment, but a spokesman for Baton Rouge President Sharon Weston Broome said the office “wants to know more about the proposal.”

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“Obsolete, unsafe and costly”

The Baker facility has its own complex history and was suddenly closed in 2014.

Opened in the 1940s, Jetson was plagued by allegations of atrocities and abuses against the boys working there (generally between the ages of 12 and 20). The situation became so dire that in 2008 the state legislature resolved to close it. But by 2009, OJJ was working on reforms, including a proposal to make Jetson a smaller community facility. As a result, the legislature resolved to keep it open.

When the prison door finally closed in 2014, it was because authorities considered it “incompatible with our reform efforts” and “obsolete, unsafe, and expensive physical plants.”

These deficiencies included structural settings that distributors began using in the 2000s that were incompatible with treatments for delinquent teens called the Louisiana model for safe care. .. The facility also had problems maintaining staff and training new staff, officials at the time said.

LAMOD is a derivative of the nationally recognized Missouri model that operates juvenile institutions such as adult prisons and favors treatment and family involvement rather than punishing juvenile offenders.

Similar dormitory configurations that are causing problems on the current Bridge City campus also prevented staff from overseeing the boy in Jetson. Prior to its closure, the prison held 76 prisoners and 154 employees.

Short-term solution

Meanwhile, the state has put more personnel into Bridge City and another boy’s safe care center to quell repeated riots as a swift solution.

On Friday, Edwards State police and corrections bureaus will immediately allocate personnel to help with the staff shortages at the Bridge City and Swanson Youth Centers in Monroe, where the brawl broke out last week. Reinforcements, including state police soldiers, protection observers, and parole officers, began securing surroundings of the facility last Friday night.

“Our goal is to prevent the repetition of recent unfortunate incidents at both facilities. This is an urgent situation and this urgent solution is necessary as long as we strive. It will be implemented as much as possible. A long-term staffing plan is in place to ensure the safety of the young people and staff who are in charge of us. We are discussing long-term solutions. , Nothing goes off the table. “

OJJ Deputy Secretary Bill Somers said in a statement that his office “faces some major challenges with staff and the Bridge City Center itself, but we work daily to address them. I’m out. ”

As Bridge City Center drama escalates, officials discuss reopening Jetson Center for Youth | Crime/Police Source link As Bridge City Center drama escalates, officials discuss reopening Jetson Center for Youth | Crime/Police

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