As COVID-19 cases drop, other viruses are making their return – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-06-09 22:44:51 –

Denver — COVID-19 cases continue to decline across Colorado and the United States, but doctors are beginning to see recurrences of other, more common viruses and illnesses such as streptococcal pharyngitis, influenza, and colds. I will.

“More and more people come to our clinic with acute respiratory infections, sore throats, and we are always seeing an increase in those viruses that were there, they are COVIDs in the community. It was a little hidden by the huge influence of the virus, “Dr. Scott Joy said.

Joy is HealthONE’s Chief Healthcare Officer for Physician Services and oversees more than 500 primary care physicians. He says these doctors, and emergency medical clinics under HealthONE, are seeing these increases.

“These viruses are returning due to changes in human interactions,” he said, and the reasons people get sick of these common illnesses are relaxation of restrictions, wearing masks, and society. I mentioned the expansion of the target distance.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the number of influenza cases during a pandemic has “decreased sharply.” Influenza vaccines are available annually and things like streptococcal pharyngitis are easy to treat, but are there any concerns about an increase when compared to COVID-19?

“I think the fact that there is an increase in acute respiratory infections is important. I don’t think it’s just a cold anymore. I need to prove that it’s not COVID 19. “He said. “And I think that’s a big change in behavior we’ll see in the field of health care.”

Joy believes that when he goes to a doctor with respiratory symptoms, he will first be tested for COVID-19, then a negative test, and then something else will be diagnosed. He says it may happen for some time as he is trying to avoid another wave of coronavirus. That fact can also change our lives as we move forward.

“So, before, we started working with the symptoms of a small cold? I don’t think it’s expected anymore. Sore throats, runny nose, dry coughing healthcare providers and employees I think the staff must be really careful before returning after being tested for COVID-19 and confirming that you are negative. Joy said, “The workplace is the result of a pandemic. I think it’s a long-standing change in behavior that we’ll see. “

As COVID-19 cases drop, other viruses are making their return Source link As COVID-19 cases drop, other viruses are making their return

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