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In the mid-term primary next year, while Donald Trump publicly tweeted his political future and played the game “He won’t” in a potential bid for the White House in 2024. While bending influence, there is one key person remarkably quiet – his wife Melania. (Photo: Getty)

Publicly as Donald Trump Crush his political futureThroughout playing the game “He-He Doesn’t” in a potential bid for the White House in 2024 Impact of flexion in primary elections In the middle of next year, there will be one prominently quiet key person. Also.

Melania Trump, probably The most private first lady In modern history Increasingly backward From the spotlight since leaving Washington last January. She was seen only once this summer and was discovered by a photographer leaving the Trump Tower in New York City in July with her son. Other than that, except for some Instagram posts from random people who happened to glance at her in the dining room of Trump’s Bedminster Golf Club, Trump was a mystery so far, but deliberately on the camera. I haven’t set foot in front.

Last month she returned from her Summer stay in new jersey To Palm Beach, Florida. A friend says she lives full time. Mar-a-Lago Baron Trump attends a private high school. She is giving up life in Manhattan, which she knew before the White House. This period gave her as much anonymity as possible to be Donald Trump’s wife.

Melania Trump’s indifference to public political life not only does not intend to reinforce her husband’s bloated political ambitions, but also tells some friends that she does not want the White House to recover. It’s deep enough. I talked to CNN about her way of thinking. “It’s not what she wants to be the first lady again,” said one of the people who had a close relationship with Trump during her tenure at the White House. “For her, it was a chapter — and it’s over, and it’s it.”

She considers her husband’s continued influence on the Republican landscape to be his job, not her. “Even if he says he’s running again’officially’, you’re not going to see her at a rally or campaign event,” he knows of the indifference Trump has shown in support of the former president. Another said. “Instead, you’ll be Lara (Trump, Trump’s son, Eric’s wife) or (Kimberly) Guilfoyle (Trump’s eldest son, Don’s girlfriend). They’re the same as Trump needs to (run) again. I have an urge. Melania never does. “

Melania Trump’s office did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Given her track record as a passive political spouse, Trump will never be on the track of the campaign. Most presidential candidates often rely on enclosing female voters by rampaging with their partners or asking them to do so, but the idea of ​​whipping the constituency is “never her. It wasn’t a thing, “said a close friend of her during the White House era. At best, there were few appearances on the trails in 2016.

In fact, when the staff of then-candidate Donald Trump asked Trump to appear at an event, he often answered “no.” .. Notorious for being fed up with public scrutiny and press, Trump attended less than five camera interviews and not print media interviews when she was a first lady. ..

Melania says “Hello”

Not being on her husband’s side in a handful of rallies and speeches since Melania Trump resigned most often talks to selected Republican candidates and defeats those who oppose him. So, he repeats the myth that he was unfairly defeated in the presidential election. That’s not what his supporters think.

“In fact, his base was accustomed to her not being there,” said a political agent who had been working with then-President Trump for some time. And her fans didn’t care either. “Instead, she stopped this idea that it’s good that she wasn’t there. They’re defensive about her not being there. When you think about it, it’s pretty believable. Not so much, “added the operative.

Laura Bush is a seasoned fundraiser that has attracted women in its campaign. Michelle Obama is very good at speaking in public on behalf of her husband and was called a “closer”, but Trump is good at not being there, normalizing her traits. absence.

“Trump voters put (Melania Trump) on the pedestal. They are in awe of her appearance and basically the way she doesn’t express her ideas and opinions. They are it. Is considered a Stoic or loyalty. For them, it’s enough for loyalty, “said the operative. Those who worked with Trump during the White House era noticed the tight schedule of the campaign and the end of the arena waiting for her husband to give a long rally speech. “If you can’t do it all and people are okay with it, why don’t you do that?” Said this person.

In a 90-minute remark at the Conservative Political Activities Council in February, the former president basically greeted Melania by saying, “I love you as much as I love you.” .. The audience cheered. At a North Carolina rally in June, Trump again gave birth and nodded to his wife’s absence when explaining that he was on an escalator at Trump Tower when he announced his candidacy a few years ago. “Who pays homage to her, as I said when I came with Melania, the future first lady of the time, that beautiful morning?”

Life without interruption

Trump’s life is still private, more so than due to the nature of her role in Washington. “That’s the way she likes it. It’s good enough for her to be private rather than public,” said another person who has known Trump socially for over a decade. “And that’s nothing wrong. That is, if everyone in the world has been watching all your movements for four to five years and it wasn’t comfortable for you, how much it was triggered. Imagine it must be. “

In February she announced the opening of her office. Three knowledgeable people are currently run by a few full-time employees from Palm Beach, two of whom worked at the Trump White House. An introduction to Trump’s official Post White House initiative is February Tweet From the office, “Mrs. Melania Trump has announced the opening of the Melania Trump office. Follow this account for news and updates.”

Since then, this account has been a series of throwbacks and thanks. There are no announcements about the purpose, policies, charity events, speeches, or open houses of ongoing initiatives.

As Donald Trump makes noise about 2024, Melania Trump tries to stay out of the public eye Source link As Donald Trump makes noise about 2024, Melania Trump tries to stay out of the public eye

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