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Washington >> His fellow Democrats are angry after the attack on the Capitol, but President-elect Joe Biden remains researched calm and impeached by President Donald Trump on Wednesday. It remains largely away from the climax of the scorching debate, focusing on the fight against deadly pandemics, the revival of a declining economy, and the decline in political temperature.

Hours after the second impeachment vote in the House of Representatives, Biden accused him of what he called a violent attack on the Capitol and “the civil servants of the Citadel of Liberty.” He said a group of bipartisan lawmakers accused violence of obeying the “constitution and their conscience.”

But he also promised to guarantee that Americans would “stand together as a nation” when he became president next week, and a cautious approach to politics, which became the trademark of his march to the White House. showed that.

“The country is exposed to deadly viruses and economic turmoil,” he said in a statement. “I hope the Senate leadership will find a way to address the constitutional responsibility for impeachment while at the same time tackling other urgent projects in the country.”

Biden postponed to the House and Senate Chairman Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats, rather than stepping up to lead the party’s efforts to hold Trump accountable. He spent last week refining policy proposals and introducing new appointees, delivering a carefully coordinated, conflict-free message. “What Congress decides is what they decide,” he said of the impeachment two days after the attack.

Biden’s focus on future governance challenges is that the country is on the verge of catastrophe, keeping Americans healthy in the midst of an increasingly devastating pandemic, and then evaporating. It is based on the belief that regaining prosperity should be prioritized. But it also includes his cautious and centrist approach to politics and the many elected Democratic officials and voters against Trump’s attack on democratic norms and their desire to punish him for it. It emphasizes the contrast with intense anger.

The president-elect has revealed that he intends to work to repair violations of American political culture after Mr. Trump’s four-year turbulent term.

“Many of our fellow Americans have suffered too long in the past year to delay this urgent task,” he said in a statement. “We often say that there is nothing we can’t do together, and it wasn’t as important for us to stand together as a nation.”

But at the same time, in the first few weeks of his administration, he pursued the Democratic agenda in a heavily divided parliament, and the Senate is considering again suing Trump’s actions and convicting him. Force him into a balanced behavior that should be particularly unstable.

“I think he looks calm,” said Stuart Stevens, a Republican strategist who helped Mitt Romney run the 2012 presidential election and became a candid critic of Trump. “Part of this moment is to return to normal. Having a candid president who doesn’t offend tweets and doesn’t try to win every news cycle is characteristic of the Biden people. They are very patient. I’ve done it. “

As a candidate, Biden deliberately adopted a strategy to keep him on the battlefield, refusing to be dragged into the chaotic whirlpools of President Trump every turn.

But he worked to win the Democratic nomination and the White House from his own party seeking extraordinary security, more political instability, and legislative victory at the Capitol next Wednesday. It may be thin when sworn in a disgusting request.

After taking office, Biden may find that impeachment and other issues are nearly impossible to maintain between arm’s lengths. In particular, there are sights of Senate trials dominating news coverage and delaying pushes to win candidate confirmation. Robert Gibbs, the first spokesman for President Barack Obama, recalled that the White House struggled to maintain the message discipline of the campaign during the first few days of the 2009 administration.

“In a minute, you can decide what you want to comment on,” Gibbs says. “Next minute, not only can you not decide, you are responsible for it all.”

Biden’s risk is that his determined effort to stay focused on returning to normal is seen as being cut off from the moment when it doesn’t feel normal at all.

On Wednesday’s house floor, Pelosi called Trump a “clear and present danger to the country,” and a few Republicans warned the incumbent president of a “significant danger” and “waited a little longer” to eliminate him. I can’t. ” office.

In contrast, a week after Trump’s supporters raided the Capitol, Biden introduced members of his cabinet, urged him to raise the minimum wage, promised to support small businesses, and against the pandemic. I swore to act. However, he revealed contempt and reiterated his belief that the current president was unfit for inauguration, making Republicans such as Senator Ted Cruz of Texas an unfounded claim to widespread fraud. Although torn in a facilitating role, Biden declined to ask if it was Trump. You must be impeached and convicted.

Even when legislators are considering making Trump the first president to impeach twice on Wednesday, Biden’s transition team will hold a “listening session” and a “virtual roundtable” on environmental justice issues. I have sent a summary of the meeting, including some of his cabinet candidates, “about education for the disabled.

People close to the presidential election say Biden was horrified by the parliamentary scene. But he is trapped between competing priorities. Trump took responsibility for inciting violence against the residents of the building where he had worked for decades, and quickly moved his agenda through the already deeply divided parliament.

As Senate creatures for over 30 years, many are proud to work with the Republicans during the relatively bipartisan Republican era at Capitol Hill, respect Senate traditions, and are more devoted than many. It was a deal maker that wasn’t there. Of his colleague surfing the passion of the party. As a young senator in 1974, Biden was also wary of the impeachment of President Richard Nixon.

“I don’t know what’s in his head, but where his body has been over the last few decades, he’s currently underway,” said Congressman James Clyburn, a Democratic whip in the House of Representatives. I think he had mixed feelings about the impeachment. ” And Biden’s close adviser. “He is an institutional economist.”

Mr Cliburn said he didn’t want to be distracted by the challenges the country would face shortly after the presidential election took over Mr. Trump in the presidential office.

However, the potential consumption of Washington in the Senate trial on the first day of the Biden administration is particularly stressful between making its predecessor accountable and focusing on other pressing challenges of the country. Will make it serious.

Obama’s 2009 chief political adviser, David Axelrod, said, “You may be afraid that it will be difficult to advance your appointments and agenda to the point where the Senate is consumed first. “.

As his predecessor is impeached, Joe Biden tries to stay above the fray Source link As his predecessor is impeached, Joe Biden tries to stay above the fray

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