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As investment grows in electric cars, groups work to make sure the future is fair – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-06-10 16:08:23 –

If you think your electric car is futuristic or unrealistic, go for a ride with Dr. Sherry Francis.

“People need to be educated about what it’s like to drive an electric car,” she explained.

Her Tesla tech and smooth experience may feel out of this world, but she’s here to tell you that these cars are very realistic within reach. ..

“It’s a misconception that electric cars are only for the wealthy and the suburbs,” said Dr. Francis.

Dr. Francis and Terry Travis are co-founders EV hybrid noirThe largest network of diverse electric vehicle owners in the country.

“Electric cars are moving from the foldable cell phones they had a few years ago to the latest smartphones. The difference is dramatic,” he said.

As President Joe Biden Plans to invest billions of dollars in electric vehicles, They want to make sure that people in all backgrounds are holding the steering wheel.

“Most people have this ideology that Tesla is really expensive. Well, the idea is that there are 68 electric cars available today,” Travis said.

Dr. Travis and Dr. Francis are also working to ensure that cities across the country have the right infrastructure to support the future of electricity, including charging stations for communities of all income levels.

“Once we start developing this, it becomes more important to be very clear and accurate about how we want to involve more diverse voices and more diverse households in this ecosystem,” Travis said. Stated.

According to the Kelley Blue Book, the average cost of a new electric car is about $ 51,000, Prices have been declining in recent years..

Automakers Nissan leaf, It may cost about $ 30,000 for a new product.

Used electric cars can be purchased for a minimum of $ 5,000, according to Travis.

Federal government Offer tax incentives Certain electric vehicles are worth up to $ 7,500. Most states also offer their own incentives to buy an electric vehicle.

“The way to increase the diversity of electric car owners shows that there are people from all disciplines,” said Dr. Francis.

But as well as improving those who drive electric cars, Dr. Francis points out problems that are difficult to see.

“It’s a crisis of silence. A sufficient number of people are talking about a public health crisis,” she said.

Dr. Francis hopes to increase the number of electric vehicles to combat pollution that disproportionately affects the color community.

“For some communities, adopting electric vehicles is a cool technology, but for others, it’s a public health nightmare,” she said.

Driving is not necessarily where we are heading, but how we feel when we get there, how we are on our way to our destination. That’s why, for Dr. Francis, driving electricity is beyond her own experience.

“I would like to model this behavior not only for my friends and family, but also for people in my community so that I know this is normal. This is nothing special. You do this. You don’t have to be a millionaire to be able to afford it. Regular workers can afford it. “

As investment grows in electric cars, groups work to make sure the future is fair Source link As investment grows in electric cars, groups work to make sure the future is fair

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