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As more Virginia Beach students repeat grades, educators predict the setback is temporary – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-10-18 04:30:00 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — Across Hampton Roads, hundreds of students have begun a year from a break in the previous school year.

Almost a year after virtual learning, 10 On Your Side began collecting data showing whether the number of children held had changed significantly.

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In Suffolk, Norfolk and Portsmouth, school officials said they would not disclose student retention data until approved by the Virginia Department of Education.

The Hampton, Chesapeake, and Newport News school systems provided records showing that there was no significant change in student retention this year compared to the average over the last three years.

However, Virginia Beach City Public School said 1,914 students were suspended after the 2020-21 school year.

This is 1.75 times the average for the previous three years, which had about 1,100 students.

Dr. Kippogers, Chief Academic Officer at Virginia Beach City Public School, said: “Last year’s pandemic year was very difficult for all involved.”

According to Kathleen Srinde, the current president of the Virginia Beach Education Association and a longtime elementary school teacher, the decision to retain students has not been underestimated.

“We collect a lot of data and provide a lot of services,” says Srinde. “Our public schools have a lot of support for students who are struggling. […] It is one of the great strengths of public schools and we have those resources. ”

The increase in international students is small in the elementary school grades that follow Slinde’s training.

“Studies show that simply holding a child is not the best way to make progress, especially in early childhood,” she said.

When a decision is made to retain a student, Slinder says parents can see it through the lens of time.

“Your child will benefit from the gift of time. Give them a little more time to understand and grow these concepts, and they will grow stronger as they move forward.”

According to Rogers, in high school, grade improvement is based on earned credits, so some of the students held may have already jumped after taking the summer course.

This summer’s learning program was particularly powerful, including offering a “bridge” course.

“To better prepare for this year’s success, we’ve addressed some of the skills that may have been unfinished from the previous year,” Rogers added.

During the school year, 6th to 12th grade students have 24/7 access to our core virtual live tutors.

With that additional support, Rogers said the increase in retention would be “absolutely” temporary.

“Our kids are stronger than we think, and certainly much more elastic,” he said.

Slinde also believes that by returning to face-to-face learning, students can quickly overcome setbacks.

“When all these pieces come back together, they will compete first,” she said. “They will make progress, and they will probably do it much faster than we thought.”

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As more Virginia Beach students repeat grades, educators predict the setback is temporary Source link As more Virginia Beach students repeat grades, educators predict the setback is temporary

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