As the crisis in Afghanistan worsens, Europe takes a less welcome attitude towards refugees

London — In a desperate scene Afghanistan Clinging to the plane in an attempt to escape the Taliban, some European leaders said this week would work to prevent migrants and refugees from traveling to the continent without permission.

European Union Interior Commissioner Ilva Johansson said on Wednesday, “You shouldn’t wait until people stand on our border. You need to help them before that,” and they are in immediate danger. Some added that they should resettle in the EU. If possible, it means that we can help these people in Afghanistan return to their homes. We also need to support neighboring countries and support these neighboring countries in Afghanistan and the region. ”

Johansson also said that Afghans whose asylum claims were denied in Europe should not be deported to their country immediately.

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday, “We use them to protect and protect ourselves from major irregular movement streams that would endanger people who feed trafficking of all kinds. Must be. ” He said Europe would coordinate with transit countries like Turkey.

“We shouldn’t signal that Germany can accept everyone in need,” said Armin Laschet, the leader of the German Christian Democracy. “Unlike 2015, we need to focus on humanitarian aid in the field.”

Not very welcome Europe

In recent years, many European countries have become increasingly hostile to immigrants and asylum-seekers. This trend has been part of the reaction when more than one million migrants and refugees have traveled to Europe on foot or by ship since 2015, many of them fleeing the war in Syria.

Since then, many countries have strengthened border control. Leaders who welcomed asylum seekers at the time, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, are facing political backlash.

Both Germany and France, the two largest economies in the EU, are scheduled to be elected soon.

“We’ve seen this populist wave spend every day, every month, every year, every year to demonize refugees and migrants,” Amnesty International Advocacy Director Daniel Barson told CBS News. It certainly worked. ” “It worked in the United States, it worked in Europe.”

Last week, before the Taliban took full control of Afghanistan, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece and Germany urged EU leaders to continue returning Afghan asylum seekers whose allegations were denied. ..

“Stopping return is likely to give the wrong signal and motivate more Afghan citizens to leave their homes for the EU,” countries said in a joint letter to the European Commission.

The United Nations demanded a moratorium on deportation, and Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands subsequently changed course and suspended deportation to Afghanistan following the dramatic recapture of Taliban power. However, Austria is calling for the establishment of a deportation center in a country close to Afghanistan instead of allowing Afghanistan who have been denied asylum to stay in their current location.

“Merkel and Macron aren’t just saying,’I’m not going to take refugees,’ they’ve acted on that for the past few years,” he said. “We should believe their words.”

“Get out the way they can”

The Afghan people are already the second largest group of asylum seekers in Europe, with 570,000 seeking refugee status in the European Union since 2015. The United States withdraws from the country on a large scale.

Britain is the only European country to date that has promised to accept a significant number of additional Afghan refugees, but the government says it will do so in five years. The plan is to immediately welcome 5,000 Afghans and resettle a total of 20,000 over time. Critics say the plan isn’t going well enough, with Scottish MPs urging British MPs to double the numbers on Wednesday.

Canada has also promised to resettle 20,000 refugees.

However, Mr Barson said Afghans who could not get permission to leave through the official resettlement program are likely to flee to neighboring Pakistan or Iran and try to leave by land. Al Jazeera.

For many, these countries are not intended as final destinations, but they may be the first to stop on a long and dangerous journey to reach the European soil.

“People will be looking to get out in every way they can,” Barson told CBS News. “People with money try to take out planes … One of the things the Biden administration can do is to secure an airport, protect it for as long as possible, and give landing rights and landing privileges to planes that have already landed. It is organized by either non-governmental organizations or other organizations and drives people out. ”

He also urged the international community to pressure neighboring countries in Afghanistan to open their borders.

“None of us can predict the future, but it’s ridiculous to say that no one can predict the great need for refugee assistance at the Afghan border in the near future,” Barson told CBS News. ..

As the crisis in Afghanistan worsens, Europe takes a less welcome attitude towards refugees

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