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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-11-29 21:42:00 –

Police are urging drivers to slow down and drive calmly this holiday season as the number of traffic-related deaths continues to rise from last year.

According to preliminary statistics from the Hawaii Department of Transportation, 81 traffic-related deaths have occurred in the first 11 months of this year, nine more than the same period last year, across the state.

Of the 81 deaths from January 1st to last Wednesday, 29 were motorcycles and scooters, 27 were car occupants, 20 were pedestrians, 4 were bicycles and 1 was an ATV operator. ..

Statistics do not include statistics that have occurred in the last few days. Male pedestrian who died on Sunday night After he was hit by a pickup truck in Wahiawa.

According to a news release from Mothers Against Drunk Driving Hawaii, almost half were related to speed violations. Toxicology results are still pending for many road fatalities this year, but MADD Hawaii has shown that nearly half of drivers are also positive for drugs or alcohol, according to historical data.

The number of deaths related to motorcycles, mopeds and scooters more than doubled last year (29 out of 12). Most have occurred on Oahu, but all four major counties have recorded at least one so far this year.

In Honolulu, so far this year, the number of fatalities involving car occupants has dropped to seven, compared to 24 in the same period last year.

The opposite is true in Hawaii County. In Hawaii County, car occupants have killed 13 people this year, compared to nine at the same time last year. On Maui, six car occupants were killed, up from one in the same period last year.

On Oahu, MADD Hawaii launched its annual “Tie One On for Safety” campaign to remind the community of the dangers of driving injuries during this holiday season and National Driving Disability Prevention Month in December.

On Maui, the police department’s transportation department launched a county disabled driving awareness holiday campaign in Wailuku last Wednesday in collaboration with MADD and Hannah Brown’s family and friends. MPD dedicates a drunk driving checkpoint to Brown in the third year.

June 23, 2019, 19-year-old Brown Died in a head-on collision Another vehicle is heading in the wrong direction by the drunk driver.

“We hope that by commemorating Hannah at this event each year, people will stop and think, especially when driving is at its most dangerous time,” MPD Lieutenant William Hankins said in a news release. increase. .. “Remember, like many other families on Browns and Maui, some families are suffering from the meaningless and preventable loss of their loved ones in the hands of drunk drivers.”

Hawaii County also launched an “no excuses” campaign last week at a holiday signing event on Kano Lehua Avenue, reminding drivers to drive calmly or be pulled.

“In reality, since a public emergency, HPD police have stopped, issued citations, and arrested drivers for making dangerous decisions. [related to COVID-19] It has begun, “the police said in a news release.

All four county police carry out drinking checkpoints and saturated patrols during the holiday season.

MADD red ribbons are available state-wide at the NAPA Auto Parts Store, Foodland, Aloha Island Marts, and the offices of the four mayors and prosecutors.

Their purpose is to remind people to slow down, follow the speed limit, buckle, and plan a safe return trip before consuming the addict. Even one alcoholic beverage can slow down the reaction time and reduce your judgment. Friends can help by not letting them drive when they have a disability.

“State-wide law enforcement agencies continue to enforce traffic to prevent meaningless tragedy and save lives,” HPD’s Transportation Division Major James Slater said in a news release. “Our commitment is unwavering, but everyone else needs to play their part. Slow down, drive calmly, fasten your seat belts, and beware of all road users. And make sure everyone can go home safely. “

Traffic-related fatalities

Transportation-related deaths in Hawaii from January 1st to November 24th:

>> State (81 total): 27 cars, 20 pedestrians, 29 motorcycles and scooters, 4 bicycles, 1 ATV operator.

>> Honolulu City and County (39 in total): 7 cars, 14 pedestrians, 15 motorcycles and scooters, 3 bicycles.

>> Hawaii County (25 total): 13 cars, 2 pedestrians, 9 motorcycles and scooters, 1 ATV operator.

>> Maui County (15 total): 6 cars, 4 pedestrians, 4 motorcycles and scooters, 1 bicycle.

>> Kauai County: (2 in total), 1 car, 1 motorcycle.

As traffic-related deaths rise, Honolulu police urge drivers to slow down this holiday season Source link As traffic-related deaths rise, Honolulu police urge drivers to slow down this holiday season

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