As violence continues, community leaders plead for peace – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-09-21 14:19:35 –

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — As the violent summer approaches its end, Portland community leaders are calling for peace on the streets of the city.

Portland is on track for a record number of murders this year, with shootings occurring almost every day at night. Pastor JW Matt Hennessy of the Joint Pagan Peace and Action (IPAC) led the community’s debate on the crisis this Tuesday.

IPAC is a group of religious leaders, activists, social workers, police officers and community members founded in 2016. The organization’s goal is to combat street violence in Portland, especially violence that affects the color community.

Hennessy says IPAC wants more crackdowns, but he understands the concerns many people in the community have.

“All of us in this room have seen too many murders on the street … too much distrust between the community and the police,” he said. “People who are worried about tactics [Portland] Police Departments of the Past — We feel the same. “

The Portland Police Department said in 2021 there had been 889 shootings and 46 gun murders in the city so far. PPB officials say they lack enough resources to stop the wave of shootings.

To come up with a solution, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said he recently held two work sessions with the leader of the Community Safety Work Plan, which is working on the Community Safety Transition Plan. The plan has three priorities. It’s focus readjustment, reform, and restaffing.

Wheeler said the centralized intervention team would be fully staffed by November and was busy hiring additional staff at the bureau. One of the new programs is the “Retirement, Reemployment” program. This will allow approximately 80 executives to retire and continue working in their place.

IPAC also states that it is supporting the city’s investment in community groups and park rangers to prevent violence.

As violence continues, community leaders plead for peace Source link As violence continues, community leaders plead for peace

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