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2021-03-13 10:46:45 –

We were in a state of asphyxia for a year on an unprecedented pandemic stage, handing over the keys to our lives to the governor, the health department, and suddenly a well-known actor. Among them are Anthony Fauci, who has overcome fame. Andrew Cuomo, who has fallen powerfully, is reportedly impossible cad.

“Dad,” they said a year ago, “Give us your key. It’s too dangerous to drive.”

I handed it over.

And closings, schools, businesses, churches, gyms, hairdressers, parades, ball games, trade fairs, concerts. None of us have experienced anything like that. After the mixed message, we ended up wearing a mask. We are socially distant. Manufacturers of hand sanitizers have started production 24 hours a day.

We will kill our elders alone, and there will be some great calculations for it someday.

None of us have experienced anything like that. The country has never behaved this way. It wasn’t as much an unknown illness — we had them in our history — that was the way we responded to it. We did what was said because we had no choice but to counter this massive attack on our existence. A year later, pull back the drape and look outside.

The governor liked the image of the dial and could imagine him behind a witch’s curtain with a gauge and a big clock. And every time things looked good, the dial turned and we were warned to retreat.

Most unfortunately, we have been bothered by the word “up tick”. This could have been used acceptablely to answer the question “Who will appear in your garage sale?”

“There was an upward trend.”

Now everything is on the rise, especially crime.

Don’t be vigilant. There are variations. You have to be careful of varieties like street corner complaints. Well, isn’t there always some variant?

Thankfully, those who want the vaccine seem to be able to get it by May or June at the latest. After that, there should be no executive order. let’s go.

As we crawl out of isolation, we become different people. You may not shake hands. We may still wear masks from time to time. I hope I can stop crossing the street when I see an approaching pedestrian.

We should be grateful for the attempt to save us. Many of them are noble jobs and we are grateful for the vaccine. But the only way I can think of to honor those who died of this virus is to regain the risk of being the soul of our being. If there is no risk in our lives, we die.

We cannot be risk-free. Too many agents in the state have tried to blame us for the idea of ​​risk. Stop. Risk is the basis of the human condition. Mitigating our risk is an impossible and undesirable task.

Needless to say, does anyone really think that Minnesota can go for the second year in a row without a state fair? Because if you go for two years, you can always end a wonderful gathering. There is always something to fear.

We knew it.

As we crawl out of isolation we will be different people – Twin Cities Source link As we crawl out of isolation we will be different people – Twin Cities

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