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Ascension Episcopal girls reach quarterfinals for first time with playoff win | High Schools – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-02-23 13:00:00 –

Youngsville Ascension Episcopal coach Alyssa Credur kept in mind that he would slow down Senior Tommy Lee Thompson of the St. Mary’s Academy as he entered the Division III Women’s Basketball Regional Playoffs game on Monday.

The 5-foot 9 shooting guard and UNO signer deserve a reputation as a prolific scorer, but Lady Blue Gators continue to check Thompson for enough time to secure a 41-29 win. , Sent AES to the first quarterfinals. Time in the history of the school.

In the first quarter of Monday, AES built a 9-0 lead behind the buckets of AK Charbonnet, Annie Mouton, Payton Musso and Camille Blanchard.

Thompson, meanwhile, was 0-of-7 from the floor early in the second period until he used a short basket to put a 10th seed cougar (3-12) on the board.

“It was very important to get a good start,” Credur said. “I joined this game knowing that I needed to stop number 10 (Thompson). That’s exactly what we did.

“Annie Mouton had a quick three-point. I think it helped us momentum. The girls got off to a 9-0 start following her lead. It helped us a lot. “

After the No. 7 Lady Gators (13-4) held a 20-3 advantage in half-time, Thompson became hot with a third 14-point effort.

“We used spy protection,” Credur said. “We put Annie and Camille on her and one of the other guards. Any Thompson got it. Our spy, AK, goes to catch her. It Other than that, AK stays in the zone. “

Thompson finished with 26 of the team’s 29 points.

“I am, I am very pleased with our defense efforts,” Credur said. “They did better than I had imagined. They came out and got the job done. I’m very, very happy.”

Charbonette has increased the pace of the Lady Gators with 12 points, including 6 in the third quarter.

“AK is our point guard,” Credeur said. “She’s our ball handler with quite a few layups. Before the match, I told her I needed to handle the ball. She did a great job with it.”

Blanchard also scored 10 points at AES, which postponed the second half of the rally by visitors. At the beginning of the fourth, the cougar climbed within 34-25.

When St. Mary’s reduced the deficit to 9, SK West got out of the bench with an impressive three-point play and extended his lead to 36-25 with 4:40 remaining.

“Camille made two three points,” Credur said. “It was timely because it was then that Thompson started turning it on. She did a great job with it.

“If anyone needs to get it done, I put in SK West. She’s tough and does whatever I ask her. I have a big bench with great team friendship. Everyone on my team is doing a great job in their role. “

Musso scored all eight points in the first half of the paint.

“She was mixing it in the lane in the first half,” Credur said. “She got some rebounds from aggressive rebounds. She was hit there, but she was tough. She kept putting them back.”

AES travels to Baton Rouge for the Second Anglican (21-4).

“It’s been six years here. It’s my first time in the quarterfinals,” said Credur. “We are very excited. We are excited.”

The Anglican reached the Division III semifinals last year before being bounced by Lafayette Christians.

Ascension Episcopal girls reach quarterfinals for first time with playoff win | High Schools Source link Ascension Episcopal girls reach quarterfinals for first time with playoff win | High Schools

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