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Now that news of the pregnancy of Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Hybon has been revealed, they are spilling all the details about the baby’s name, their expectations and more.

Bachelor Performer Ashley Iaconetti, 33, and Jared Hybon, 32, recently revealed They are pregnant and expect Together with their first child. And now they’re spilling all the details about what they’re doing to prepare their baby. From morning sickness to cravings for pregnancy to potential baby names — a couple married in 2019 Hollywood Life Check it out on July 16th.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: First of all, how are you feeling? And congratulations!
Ashley: thank you so much. I’m not feeling well, but I’m going through!

HOLLYWOODLIFE: How far have you been?
Ashley: 10 and a half weeks.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: How hard was it to keep your pregnancy secret?
Ashley: I think it was hard most of the time because I wasn’t very lively and couldn’t do anything but do anything. Just sitting on the couch isn’t the most exciting content on Instagram. I feel like I had to hide a lot of myself. I think it’s weird to say, but part of our job is to record our lives, and to be honest, my life has been on the couch for the past five weeks.
Jared: “Where is Ash?” Ashley was unaware of it and people would be like “Where is Ash?” So I often had to go to things myself. I think, “Oh, she’s sick.” Of course, I’m not going to talk to them. It was like, “Oh, she feels sick,” because I want to let people know that I’m not that intimate with all of our friends and family.
Ashley: It’s awkward and I don’t like to lie. I’m the worst liar.

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HOLLYWOODLIFE: Have you had any cravings yet?
Ashley: I don’t think I can call them cravings as much as I call them non-hatred.
Jared: She was hungry for chocolate cake at 9 pm and didn’t have chocolate cake at home, so I went to the grocery store and got two types of chocolate cake so I didn’t get the wrong type. One was like chocolate mousse and the other was chocolate chocolate, so I got both.
Ashley: Chocolate chip pancakes are another thing I have 5 out of 7 days, so there’s something that really works for chocolate like flour. That’s one of the things I haven’t thrown yet.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: So are you vomiting a lot now?
Jared: I feel bad. She is now kicking her ass.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: Do you already know the gender of your baby?
Jared: I don’t know, but this week I have a doctor’s appointment to find out the gender of the crazy baby. I have come and gone very much. My first gut was definitely a boy, but now I don’t know.
Ashley: I think I’m still a boy. I want a girl, but I’m telling myself that I’m going to be a boy, so my hope doesn’t come true. Of course I am satisfied with everything.
Jared: As long as you are healthy.

Ashley Iaconetti Jared Hybon
Jared proposed to Ashley in “Bachelor In Paradise”. (ABC)

HOLLYWOODLIFE: Do you still have the names chosen for both genders?
Ashley: Only for boys.
Jared: Ashleys had this name for 15 years.
Ashley: I also asked the girl to choose a name, but Jared doesn’t like it.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: How are you preparing? Are there people in the “Bachelor” nation you are looking for advice?
Ashley: Jade got me some really nice sweatpants. They came by mail. so sweet. She’s like, “I love these because they grow with you over time and you look like you’re together.” Jade was really there for me. I’ve always thought of her as super-powerful and Mother Nature, someone who couldn’t be stepped on by all of this.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: Do labor and childbirth scare you?
Ashley: I used to be much scarier than I am now. I do not know why. My dad is an anesthesiologist, so I’m an epidural girl. A friend who has undergone epidural anesthesia makes me feel much better. I used to be a little scarier than it is now. Now I say, “I want you to get your baby out of me. Can you stay there?”

HOLLYWOODLIFE: What was it like to finally know that you were pregnant, and what was it like when you found it?
Jared: I learned about Memorial Day. Ash had a pregnancy test without telling me. Her boobs hurt and I felt probably pregnant.
Ashley: I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly either.
Jared: We were late for her ovulation schedule. I had been trying it for 7 months at this point, and I thought it wasn’t happening this month, but I took the test anyway because my body felt a little strange and my boobs hurt. Out. “She took the exam. She returned to positive.
Ashley: It was like a faint line positive.
Jared: She said, “Jard, funny story. I had a pregnancy test. The second line came out. It was pretty faint.” And I said, “Oh, that’s probably nothing.” So she took another and the second line came back. The next day, she couldn’t get her period, so she had a 99% clear blue pregnancy test that night. And it’s back positive again, and that’s when we were — we’re pregnant! 3 positives, no menstruation, boobs hurts in 3 days. When I thought, “Let’s check it,” there was a baby looking at the ultrasound.

Hollywood Life: Does Being a Dad Scare You, Jared?
Ashley: Jared is the least scared of being a dad. That’s very natural for him. I think he will get into that role easier than I do. He is far more selfless than I am.
Jared: It doesn’t scare me. I have the most wonderful father. I think I learned a lot from him. It’s the idea of ​​nerve-wracking, raising a child and not ruining him. I saw some of my friends doing it, and they are on the same ship as us. We all take it one day at a time and try to do our best. When I see how I see this, I’m very excited to be a dad. I dont know. I’ve always wanted to be a father, so it’s strange to think that’s happening now. There is no sense of discomfort.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: Are you planning to become Super Hands-on? Bath, bottle, whole 9 yards? Have you ever held a baby?
Jared: Oh yeah, I’ve been holding a lot of babies. I used to volunteer at a children’s hospital and worked on the baby’s floor, so I was able to hold my baby at the time. This is great. I’m still stupid when it comes to child seats and all that jazz, so I’m a little scared because I need to learn how to fit a child seat properly and how to assemble a mamaRoo. I have to be convenient.
Ashley: Jared intends to wake up in the middle of the night. I’m not worried about his usefulness. He is the kindest husband in the world.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: Are you going to change dirty diapers?
Ashley:definitely! I’m not worried about it. He may do more than I do!

HOLLYWOODLIFE: How about a parenting role model? Sean and Catherine? Jade and Tanner?
Ashley: I think our parenting role model is our parent’s set, but if you need to choose one from your bachelor’s degree, yes, Jade and Tanner are our best friends and they I’m full. Both are growing up very affectionately, but Jade is really everything she really wants for her mother’s role model. She is very practical and everything revolves around them.

HOLLYWOODLIFE: How do you meet and what do you tell your kids about the show?
Jared: They never see Bachelor’s degree in paradise.. They said, “Dad is stupid. Dad is stupid! Don’t do what Dad did!”
Ashley:I do not mind. Someday they will be really interesting to see.

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Hybon talk about pregnancy and babies in a new interview – Hollywood Life

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