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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-29 22:30:39 –

Ashtabula County, Ohio (WJW) — Cleanup efforts underway Ashtabura CountyWhen residents pick up debris caused by a violent storm. It is possible that stormy weather struck around noon, a tornado warning was issued, and an actual funnel cloud occurred.

Fox 8 viewers sent a video of heavy rains falling on the city of Ashtabura around noon on Thursday. Heavy rains flooded the underpass on Main Avenue, literally turning the intersection of West 58th Street and Madison Avenue into a lake.

“I was at home and tried to watch TV. The satellite went out, I went out, and the police blocked the entire road, so the water was so high that no one drove there.” Flood victim Benjamin Luyand said.

A few hours later, much of Luyand’s backyard was still underwater, but it had retreated significantly. The water was also high enough to flood his basement.

“My dryer, water … it’s been a foot and a half so far,” he explained.

Luyand says his dryer, water heater, and furnace are all damaged. He says the rain seems to have overwhelmed his drainage pump. It was supposed to keep the water out.

Another Fox8 viewer Large funnel cloud Spiral near Jefferson’s Havens baseball stadium. From above, SKYFOX captured a video of the destroyed barn, but it’s unclear if the funnel cloud itself was the one that blew it away.

According to FirstEnergy, as of 6 pm, only about three dozen customers in Ashtabura County had lost power. The crew spent the day removing trees, repairing wires, and restoring electricity.

“We came back and first saw the landlord’s tree fallen, then walked around the garden, and fortunately the house was struck because a few more trees had fallen. I didn’t, “said Morgan Boggs, who lives in Kingsville.

“I called my daughter. She put me on a videophone. At that time she showed me where the top of the tree hit our garage. Then I showed the front of the house. The oak tree stripped the corners of our house and robbed us of all our strength, “said Kingsville resident Stephanie Noel.

The aftermath of strong winds has made Kingsville townspeople busy cleaning up trees and other debris. They say their neighbors banned together to help each other.

Residents are pleased that no one was injured.

“I know, it’s a huge mess, I’ve never seen such a destruction while I lived here, I lived here for the rest of my life and saw something like this Never … this is crazy, “Noel said.

As of 9:30 pm on Thursday, FirstEnergy shows that less than five customers in Ashtabula County are losing power.

Ashtabula residents react to torrential downpours, possible funnel cloud Source link Ashtabula residents react to torrential downpours, possible funnel cloud

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