Asia Pacific stock market slips.Japan revise second quarter GDP estimates

Singapore — Wednesday morning trade was mixed with stocks in the Asia Pacific region. This is because the data show that the Japanese economy has grown faster than previously predicted.

Hong Kong Hang Seng Index Earn 0.72%.Investors monitor stocks China Evergrande, Wednesday morning trading fell 0.56% — temporarily below the IPO price.

Perplexed real estate developer stocks have fallen by more than 8% so far this week and have been declining since last week after warning that they could default.

Moody’s Investors Service downgraded on Tuesday because of “increased liquidity and default risk.” Rating agency Fitch also downgraded the Evergrande on Wednesday morning.

Mainland China inventory is higher, Shanghai Composite Rise to 0.19% Shenzhen components Advance 0.285 percent.

Elsewhere in South Korea KOSPI Meanwhile, hit 0.25% S & P / ASX 200 It was down 0.27 percent in Australia.

in Japan, Nikkei 225 While the Topix index rose 0.51%, it rose 0.48%.

The Japanese economy has grown at an annual rate of 1.9%The revised government data showed Wednesday, higher than the original estimate of a 1.3% rise.

MSCI’s widest non-Japanese Asia Pacific stock index traded 0.12% higher.

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Overnight in the state, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 269.09 points to 35,100 and the S & P 500 fell 0.34% to 4,520.03. The Nasdaq Composite rose slightly to 15,374.33.

Along with Goldman Sachs, state mixed movements arose as concerns over the potential economic impact of the Delta variant weighed heavily on investor sentiment. Downgrade its US economic growth outlook On the weekend.

Bitcoin waterfall

Bitcoin prices have fallen following the recent surge of over $ 52,000. The last traded at 9:53 pm on Tuesday was $ 47,046.28, according to Coin Metrics data. Cryptocurrency price volatility occurred as El Salvador officially adopted Bitcoin as fiat currency on Tuesday and became the first country to do so.

NS USD indexIs tracking the greenback against the baskets of other companies in the same industry, which was 92.484 after recently falling below 92.4.

NS JPY It traded at 110.28 per dollar, weaker than the level below 109.8 seen against yesterday’s greenback. NS Australian dollar After dropping from the level above $ 0.744 yesterday, I changed my hand at $ 0.7401.

Crude oil prices were high in the morning of Asian trading hours on international benchmarks Brent Crude Futures It rose 0.21% to $ 71.84 per barrel. US Crude Oil Futures It rose 0.45% to $ 68.66 per barrel.

Asia Pacific stock market slips.Japan revise second quarter GDP estimates

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