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Over the last few years, the number of Asian-American representatives has increased in hit movies. For example, the best-ever award-winning “Parasite,” the romantic comedy hit “Crazy Rich Asians,” and the now acclaimed “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” now in theaters.

The expression of AAPI in the movie has changed positively, but there is still a way to go.

At the Entertainment Weekly roundtable during the press tour of Everything Everything All at Once, starring actor Kef Ikuan quit acting long ago due to a lack of role and how the film returned to the film. I shared it.

KE HUY QUAN: And the truth is that as I got older, there weren’t many opportunities for Asian actors at the time.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Old meaning, 14.

QUAN: No, no, like late teens, early 20s.

Curtis:is that so.

QUAN: And while my buddies auditioned twice a week, three times a week, it became like once a year or once every six months.

Moreover, it does not mean that Quan was not connected. As a kid, he starred in some of the biggest films, including the Indiana Jones short round and The Goonies data. However, his experience of struggling to find an adult role as an Asian-American actor is too common in the industry.

A report from the University of Southern California analyzed the actors and roles of the Asia-Pacific Islanders in 1,300 popular films from 2007 to 2019. Despite the fact that Asian Americans are the fastest growing demographics in the United States, we have found that there is little or no significant increase in expression.

Only 3.4% of movies had Asian-American leads or co-leads. It’s only 44 movies. Of those 44 films, 14 were led by a man named Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The report also found that 39% of the movies did not have any Asian and Pacific island characters. In total, less than 6% of speaking roles were assigned to API actors.

Anyway, clearly many roles for Asian characters may still go to white actors.

Yellow face makeup and prostheses are fairly common techniques used in Hollywood since some of the early films. One notorious example is the 1937 movie The Good Earth, where German-American actress Luise Rainer won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Chinese characters with prostheses. Hollywood pioneer Anna May Wong took over her role as her Hollywood production code at the time forbade portraying screen intimacy between people of different races. Is reportedly traumatized by the decision.

Yellowface has been largely phased out in recent decades, but despite being an Asian character, it’s a recent role to be rewritten for white actors or simply cast as white actors. There are several. For example, Emma Stone played in “Aloha,” Tilda Swinton in “Doctor Strange,” and Scarlett Johansson in “Ghost in the Shell.”

The 2018 hit “Crazy Rich Asians” is based on Kevin Kwan’s book. Kevin Kwan gave him a large salary to make sure he could be involved in the creative and development choices, casting. He chose his book for the studio for only $ 1.

Kwan told The Hollywood Reporter that his choice came after a pitch urged a pitch to turn an Asian heroine into a white woman in order to get more interest in the film. He claims the producer told him, “It’s a shame you don’t have a white personality.”

Headed by an all-Asian ensemble cast, Crazy Rich Asians has become the highest-paying romantic comedy of the last decade.

When talking about the diverse expressions of cinema, it’s more than an iconic milestone — we’re talking about a broader culture and a lasting impact on both individual film fans.

There’s still a lot of progress going on, but this AAPI Heritage Month can also show you how far the industry has progressed and increase the excitement of how Hollywood will change.

For example, “Crazy Rich Asians” had a particularly big impact on one of the former child actors.

“The movie hit me on so many levels,” Kuan said. “I remember seeing it three times in the theater and cried every time, and I had a serious FOMO … and said,” Wow, I wish I were there. ” seriously. And the idea of ​​returning to acting is just the beginning. ”

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