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Question: What are the most favorable and unfavorable times to bring real estate to the rental market?

Answer: The rental market follows a similar seasonal trend, as the resale market in the spring tends to be the best time to list a property and the market is the slowest during the winter. This market analysis looks at all Arlington rental properties from 2015 to 2019 (excluding 2020 because it is anomalous) and the month the property is listed on the rental property is the landlord’s negotiated leverage and market. Determined how it will affect the number of days in. We divided the data into apartment-style properties and single-family / townhouse properties to see if there was a lot of variability, but the trends are similar for all property types.

Best month to list: March to July

Worst month to list: September to December

The data I examined to determine the best and worst months is the ratio of the final rental price to the original asking price (indicating how much leverage the landlord has), the average in the market. The number of days and the percentage of properties rented within 2 weeks. Listed for rent. These data points provide some of the best indicators of how successful you are in renting a property at different times of the year.

It’s clear that there are good / bad months to rent, but I think it’s important to note that the gap between the best and worst months isn’t big, but the landlord puts himself in. You must work in the spring / early summer lease cycle and avoid signing leases that expire in late autumn / winter.

Residents have the most properties on the market from May to July, and we can expect a significant reduction in options from October to December.

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