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NATHAN HURDLESTON from Cleveland, OH: When I was little, Louis Lipps was my favorite player. I don’t remember much about him, except for the vague memory of a big kick return. What are the highlights of Lewis Lips’ career that may make me feel young again?

Answer: What I always remember about Lewis Lips was how it started. He was the Steelers’ first round pick in the 1984 NFL Draft, and during the 1983 season, Steelers’ main weapon in wide receivers was Calvin Sweeney. John Stolworth injured most of the season. Greg Garrity; and Paul Skansi. Therefore, in 1984, accepting offensive weapons and adding them to the corps was a priority, and Lips was the first choice. In his first regular season match, Lips quickly showed that he was worth the number one pick. The Steelers quarterbacks David Woodley and Mark Malone completed 22 out of 41 passes (53.7%), but Stallworth and Lips proved to be a dynamic combination. It was. Stallworth led the team with six catchdowns at 167 yards, while Lips caught six passes at 183 yards (30.5 on average) and touched down at 80 and 21 yards. Lips finished the rookie season with 45 catches, averaging 19.1 yards per reception, with nine receive touchdowns and a touchdown as a punt returner, making it a huge success. I sometimes came across Lips as he made Pittsburgh a full-time home after he retired, and we went to play with Ben Roethlisberger too late for him to play with Terry Bradshaw. Says it’s too early.

James McPherson, Beachwood, NJ: Let’s say the Steelers finished 13-3 and all the other AFC teams finished with four or more losses. Losing to Ravens on Thanksgiving is a draw for the season series with Ravens, but the Steelers are defeated by a tiebreaker, bringing even more defeats to their general opponents. Therefore, it deserves goodbye. What will happen then?

Answer: If the Steelers finish 13-3 and the Ravens finish with three or more defeats, the Steelers will beat AFC North. If the team is not tied on a division, we will not go to the division’s tiebreaker. As I know, the teams aren’t tied on the division, the Steelers have three losses and the Ravens have at least four. It may be time to stop studying tiebreakers and instead break a 4th grade math book.

LARRY DOUGLAS, Pittsburgh, PA: I’ve heard Mike Tomlin and others say they’re happy with Mason Rudolph as a backup for Ben Roethlisberger. Of course, I don’t know what’s going on in the closed room. In your opinion, are their decision to keep Rudolph in second place good, or do they want the relationship between Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers to develop? In the quarterback position?

Answer: First, when President Art Rooney II, General Manager Kevin Colbert, and Coach Mike Tomlin publicly stated in January / February that Mason Rudolf was happy to be a backup for Ben Roethlisberger. , Their feelings had nothing to do with it. How the team will proceed after Roethlisberger decides to retire. In my opinion, Roethlisberger will play until his forties. He is now 38 years old.

Ray Watson of Bromley, England: What if the kickoff hits the goal post and returns to the field?

Answer: It’s a dead ball, a touchback, and the receiving team will take over the 25-yard line.

Nicholas Moss in Simi Valley, CA: How much do you think of the run game you’re struggling with because of James Connor?

Answer: All individuals involved in the Steelers running game, that is, all individuals share responsibility, but when you watch the game, you don’t study the video, but you play more than James Connor goes missing. There are many examples of problems that are blocked holes.

BRIANGRIEDEL, El Cerrito, CA: One of the questions I recently answered was how far away from the line of scrimmage. You answered, “as long as he likes.” Follow-up question: Are there many differences between NFL kickers at this distance, or do they do almost the same thing?

Answer: If you knew that you were so much interested in what you initially thought was a small problem, you would have explained it in more detail in the first answer. First of all, the decision on where to put the ball behind the line of scrimmage is usually with the coaching staff and is usually made 7-8 yards behind the line of scrimmage. The final location of the kicker is not related to the strength of the kicker’s legs, but to protection.

Jonathan Phillips, Knoxville, TN: Is there a plausible way to cut the first draft topic before the rookie season begins (except for illegal issues outside the field)? Has it happened before?

Answer: I don’t think there is a way for a team to reduce that player due to performance issues, based on everything that goes into the team’s decision on the first draft topic in terms of the man-hours and travel costs that make up the scout process. Before the start of his rookie season. And the NFL first drafted it in 1936, and the process wasn’t very sophisticated, so I’m not sure if that happened before. Many men, highly drafted by the NFL team, have opted to do something in their lives other than playing professional football. One such player was Bill Shakespeare of the Notre Dame Halfback, who was third in the NFL’s first draft in 1936. Shakespeare finished the 1935 college football season as Notre Dame leader in the most aggressive categories, including passes (19-of-66 267 yards), Rushing (374 with 104 carry, 374, 4 touchdowns). , Punt (45 punts average 40 yards), kick-off returns (5 returns average 24.6), scoring (24 points). He was named to the first team of consensus, All-American, and finished third in the first ever Heisman Trophy vote, behind Jay Berwanger and Monk Mosclip. These college qualifications made Shakespeare the first and first selection in Steelers history, but skipped the opportunity to play professional football, worked for the Cincinnati Rubber Company, and became president of the company in 1960. .. He died in 1974. At the age of 61.

Dave Perkins from Pickerington, Ohio: I wondered if someone asked why Benny Snell couldn’t get a carry. I love James Connor’s story and understand a lot of how the running game depends on the attack line, but I can’t understand why Benny Snell doesn’t get more opportunities than he does.

Answer: If the game you are running is not productive, no one will get “enough” carry. Coach Mike Tomlin reiterated at a weekly press conference that James Corner was the main running back and no decision was made for reasons other than the best for the team to win the weekly match. Some have advocated more play time for Anthony McFarland’s quickness and speed, but trust him to step up and stone the pass rusher to smash Ben Roethlisberger. Is there anyone doing it? I think the first step in a running game is to find a way to be successful / effective in Connor. Then you can spoon other players / plays into your repertoire.

ALAN FLEEGER, Eden, Utah: Speaking of no games running, are you curious why you wouldn’t play more Anthony McFarland? While participating in the last two games, I wanted to see the play evolve, so I decided to choose an end zone seat. It’s my observation that aggressive lines make openings, but our backs are too slow to hit the holes. Does it make sense to go back faster / faster and get some carry back?

Answer: Let you pretend to be a coach. When you send Anthony McFarland into the game, are you only interested in performing play that requires quick hits to find holes between tackles? If so, it won’t work very long. Because the opposite defense is adjusted. If the idea is to place McFarland in the field for a quarter or a half, are you sure he can be part of pass protection? If he misreads Brock’s Blitzkrieg or Hoif and Ben Roethlisberger gets injured, you, the coach, deserve to be fired. The idea is to win the game. Don’t forget it. I disagree with some things McFarland might do better than the guys in front of him on the depth chart, but running back in the NFL is more important than carrying football. is. And for this team this season, the ability to block quarterbacks and understand the blitz to do the job is important.

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