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Aspiring model with scoliosis loves her body before and after surgery – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Lily Bertrand and her stepmother Caitlin Bertrand like to admire all of Lily’s modeling photographs on display throughout the house.

“She just flipped this foot and everything looked cheeky,” said Caitlin Bertrand.

Even when she’s not trying, Bertrand says 16-year-old Lily has a natural talent for modeling. It all started when the photographer was inspired while taking a family photo.

“Photographer, this is the first time we’ve met her. She was really surprised by the potential variety in Lily’s photography because she was able to bring out a variety of looks. So she asked her to do something else, Bertrand said, “in the subsequent photo shoot, that was the beginning.”

Lily suffers from scoliosis, so the biggest challenge was finding the right dress.

“They are making very special dresses. Without something like a keyhole that would give a little forgiveness to the zip up, it wouldn’t fit her right,” Bertrand said.

Lily says she didn’t suffer much from cosmetic problems. It was chronic pain that eventually led her to surgery.

“It hurt my back at midnight, and when I woke up, I couldn’t fall asleep and it was hard to fall asleep,” Lily said. Something like cooking that you have to lean forward will hurt. “

“She just slept in a very broken way to feel comfortable, and I know she didn’t feel comfortable, so she didn’t rest well,” Bertrand said. Told. Ability to do well at school or keep up with her friends. “

In December 2019, Lily had surgery to straighten her back. Dr. Brian Shaw I am an orthopedic surgeon at Colorado Children’s Hospital.

“She had two curves, one with her neck up and one with her thoracic and lumbar spine down,” said Dr. Shaw.

He says scoliosis is a lateral curvature or flexion of the spine.

“It is found in about 3 percent of all people.”

Dr. Shaw says the treatment of scoliosis has improved significantly since his early training.

“For a year, they made the entire bed out of plaster to trap people,” Dr. Shaw said. Go home two days after surgery. “

The greatest risk of surgery is the possibility of infection. But Dr. Shaw says that in most cases the patient is perfectly fine. That was the case with Lily. Currently, in her modeling, her back is straight.

“It’s a very volatile industry and not always the best for self-esteem. Everyone knows it. And working with a very kind and very kind photographer I was really lucky to be able to do it, but I know it doesn’t always happen. “

Bertrand says she believes Lily is now able to pursue modeling with less judgment. But she taught Lily to be comfortable on her skin – including scars flowing on her back. Lily says she wants to continue looking for photographers to celebrate what makes people unique in future modeling efforts.

“When they want to take a picture of my scar, it’s more fun to go that route,” Lily said.

Aspiring model with scoliosis loves her body before and after surgery Source link Aspiring model with scoliosis loves her body before and after surgery

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