Aston Martin DB11 leads this month’s discount list

For the fourth time last year, Aston Martin discounts all other car makers by offering the greatest financial savings from American car retail prices. This time it’s for the DB11 sports car, not the aging (still beautiful) rapid sedan or the DBS Super Regera discount for range toppings. For those who are tracking, DB11 led this discount list in May 2020.

This time, however, the price is even lower than before. Aston Martin DB11 buyers are currently receiving a $ 24,330 discount. This is a 12.1% reduction from the average retail price of cars at $ 201,820, which means that buyers are paying the average transaction price of $ 177,490. It’s still expensive, but not too bad for a 630 horsepower Drop Dead gorgeous machine.

Next is the familiar Acura NSX. Japanese hybrid supercars may be impressive, but Acura has done a big rebate on the NSX as long as we’re running these lists. This month, NSX buyers have an average transaction price of $ 138,648 and are receiving a nearly 14% discount.

The third largest discount this month will appear on the most expensive vehicles on the list. The average Rolls-Royce Phantom sticker price is $ 537,500. However, buyers are getting about 4% off that at an average transaction price of $ 516,333. When measured as a percentage, it may not be a large discount, but if the asking price is very high, even a small discount is worth a lot of money.

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Aston Martin DB11 leads this month’s discount list

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