Aston Martin DB6, “aesthetic purity” electrified by Lunaz

We told you in the past Luna’sA painstakingly rigorous company redesigning a classic British car with an electric drivetrain.Lunaz is electrified because of its latest offering Aston Martin DB6.

Instead of repeating it completely This 2019 post will go into a little more detail About the accuracy of Lunaz’s work, which began in 1953 Jaguar XK120 and 1961 Rolls Royce Phantom Like the V, those marks are expanding to other models Bentley When Range rover.. The process lowers the donor vehicle to bare metal, installs an electric powertrain, and raises the comfort of drive components and creatures to modern standards of excellence. If you spend a huge amount of money and personnel, you will have a work of art that deserves a concourse. .. No oil leaks.

Lunaz’s work embodies a better one, so he won a football superstar. David Beckham Along the way as an investor. Lunaz, of course, is based in Silverstone, England, where it has grown into its largest business. We have also recently infused capital from institutional investors, including the families of Berkeley, Ruben and Daral, and named them in a way that showed that the British didn’t have to look them up. (Translation for Yank: Barclays is a millionaire, Rubens is just rich, and Daral works well.)

Such an enhanced Lunaz turned its craftsmanship into the proud DB6. You can also complete DB4 or DB5.This is of course competing Aston’s own electrification efforts..

Quoting the words of Lunaz co-founder David Lorenz:It also reflects the desire for something entirely new Classic car buyer. These women and men were attracted to Lunaz because they were first presented with today’s powertrain and modern conveniences, dressed in a timeless design where aesthetic purity was the only requirement. “

The battery pack is 80-120kWh. The car can be charged quickly. It doesn’t matter whether you drive left or right. Assuming you actually drive, the driving range is listed as 255 miles. This allows for instant torque and quiet operation, making it a grand tourer “for long continental journeys in mixed road conditions”.

Weigh each DB6 corner, 3D scan it, process it with CAD, and then manually fix the finest defects. All details are “remastered with the client’s image”.For such buyers, “The exact price will be notified privately at the time of application, but if it exceeds $1 Million + local tax. This is for DB6 only. If you have DB5 or DB4, you will need to contact us.

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Aston Martin DB6, “aesthetic purity” electrified by Lunaz

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