Aston Martin makes DB11 and its configurators more powerful

Aston Martin After selling 4,150 cars last year, luxury automakers said their configurators provided more than 2 million spec sessions. Aston Martin has responded to the overwhelming number and in 2022 focused on the “customer journey” for imminent and ambitious buyers. New and highly functional configurator.. At last, the company just greeted potential customers and was interested in the luxury that the brand would expect. This is especially important for companies that are in the process of turning around Project Horizon. It is also important as an official safety car and medical car sponsor for the formula. 1Traffic to the Aston Martin website, Vantage And DBX Called on the track during the race.

Configurator is built using Epic Games’ Unreal engine. It’s a digital creation tool that builds portals for everything from real estate to fashion, complemented by Nvidia GTX graphics. In Phase 1 today, visitors can place the model of their choice in a studio or outdoor environment and use daytime or nighttime lighting to get high-resolution, zoomed-in beauty shots of vehicle details. Aston Martin has poured new features into the configurator, but has reorganized and simplified the use of the site.For example, individual elements such as exterior paint are divided into six color Groupings like Blacks & Grays and Bronzes & Oranges give users a glimpse into the range of hues offered without being overwhelmed by analysis paralysis.

Not surprisingly, the choice is taken over internally — with 11 color carpets and 12 color headliners. Simplified rationalization continues in the cabin, with three themes available to establish a quick baseline for personalization. The Starter Theme, called Creation, introduces the glamorous stitching of seat bolsters, perforations, patterned seat backs, door cards and armrests. Next is Accelerate, “to appeal to customers looking for a more focused interior.” It places Alcantara throughout, especially the seat surface and the entire bolster, with leather trimming the seat sides and headrests. Create and Accelerate is available in 10 colors with a monotone and duotone arrangement. Inspire, the top theme and “the epitome of luxury,” is available in 38 colors, monotone, duotone and light duotone. It comes with “best material and color choices”, plus gorgeous stitching and brogging, trim inlays, and a seatback veneer for the petite enough to curl into one backseat of the coupe. doing.

Aston Martin has made some adjustments to its lineup next year when it comes to composition. DBXHaving provided half of the company’s sales so far this year, will add wireless charging and a new 23-inch wheel.Previously DBS Super Regera Just become DBS, And that V12 DB11 AMR Removes that AMR suffix, but does nothing else. 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 DB11 With 24 horsepower, it will be boosted to 527hp with a top speed of 192mph. Drivers who intend to use all that pain should opt for a new Sport Plus seat that provides more shoulder, torso, and leg support.Finally, with DBS DB11 You can get it with the new 21-inch wheel design.

The composer is live We are currently reporting on the service. pleasant.

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Aston Martin makes DB11 and its configurators more powerful

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