Aston Martin sues dealers for over $ 3.5 million in Valkyrie supercars

Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings said it is suing a company affiliated with one of the companies dealer Switzerland claims to have withheld customer deposits raised for $ 3.5 million Valkyrie Super car..

The automaker has accused Nebula Project AG of not giving some of the deposits it received from its customers to Aston Martin and said it has ended an unconventional commercial deal signed by former management in 2016. Valkyrie and other medium engine vehicles in exchange for royalty payments.

Aston Martin is no longer responsible for payments of potential royalties that may have been “significant” over time as a result of the termination of its contract with the Nebula, automakers said in a statement on Tuesday. Stated. The company has also terminated its dealership agreement with AF Cars AG, which operates Aston Martin St. Gallen in Switzerland and whose board members control the nebula.

A spokesman for the St. Gallen State Public Prosecutor’s Office said he expected the proceedings to be filed, but did not receive them as of noon on Tuesday. According to the receptionist, a spokesman for Aston Martin St. Gallen couldn’t comment immediately.

St. Gallen, in eastern Switzerland, has a population of only 510,000, but with a gross domestic product of around CHF 39 billion ($ 42 billion), it fits naturally into the wealthy fans of supercars.Valkyrie, hoping that Aston Martin will begin shipping later this year, aims to compete with mid-engined models made by such things. Ferrari And McLaren..

Aston Martin believes that the net impact of its actions on the nebula will be positive over time, but interest, taxes, Depreciation There are £ 15m amortization this year. Automaker stocks fell 1.9% at 11:50 am. LondonCompare the previous decrease of 4.9%.

Valkyrie’s customers will be able to receive their cars on time, even though they haven’t received all the money they’ve deposited, according to Aston Martin. According to the company, deposits for special vehicles will be received directly from customers in the future without going through dealers.

After listing in 2018, Aston Martin suffered a huge loss and was restructured last year with the help of Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, who took over as chairman. The 61-year-old fashion tycoon injects the coveted cash and Daimler AGof Mercedes-Benz To ensure that the company survives the turbulent times of the automobile industry.

Aston Martin sues dealers for over $ 3.5 million in Valkyrie supercars

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