AstraZeneca Allows “Complex” Thai Vaccine Production Start

Covid-19 vaccine update

AstraZeneca has approved the start of production of the Covid-19 vaccine at Siam Biosciences, a Thai pharmaceutical company owned by Billionaire. Rama XSaid it was “complex” but aimed at supplying Thailand with doses of up to 5m to 6m per month.

Thailand makes concessions by British-Swedish pharmaceutical companies Recorded wave The coronavirus infection and the lack of available vaccines have increased public anger at the Prayut Chan-Ocha administration.

“Our vaccine is a” biological “product that begins with the growth of” living “ingredients. James Steig, AstraZeneca’s managing director of Thailand, said in an “open letter to the Thai people” distributed to journalists on Saturday morning.

“Especially in the early stages of the new supply chain, the number of doses in each“ harvested ”batch is not completely certain,” says Teague. “Even in such a situation, our forecast shows that we can supply 5 to 6 million doses in Thailand in a month without interruption of production.”

The production target of 5m-6m is lower than the monthly dose of 10m held by the Thai authorities. Spoken in the past..But that’s AstraZeneca Leaked letter To Thailand’s Minister of Health, Anutin Charnviracle.

Production delay in Siam BioscienceNovice vaccine producers and AstraZeneca’s only Southeast Asian jab production hub are also felt in other countries expecting imports from Thailand, such as the Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan.

In Thailand, government critics have attacked the decision to rely primarily on a single provider, AstraZeneca. Despite doing so, AstraZeneca promises up to 61 million doses of vaccination. Risk of prosecution Under the country’s oppressive royal defamation law.Prayut government said that May block Some exports of jabs.

According to Teague, AstraZeneca has provided 9 million doses of vaccine, which Thailand has. Administration started in June, And next week, it will supply another 2.3m to the national Ministry of Public Health.

AstraZeneca not only offers Siam Bioscience vaccines “in the fastest time frame possible”, but also “scrutinizes” more than 20 supply chains in manufacturing networks around the world for additional doses. I said I’m finding it.

“Due to the global shortage of Covid-19 vaccine and the lack of materials and ingredients needed to produce the vaccine, it is difficult to provide today’s certainty, but we will import additional doses within the next few months. I hope that, “he said.

To date, Thailand has reported more than 453,000 Covid cases and 3,930 deaths, more than half of which have been recorded in the past month. The country reported 14,260 new infections on Saturday.

Teague’s letter is written by Thailand and many countries Start blockade Faced with an increase in deaths in recent weeks.

Thailand Completely vaccinated With a population of just over 5% of the population of about 70m, it is lower than its poor neighbors, Cambodia and Laos.

Thai celebrity He has joined opposition politicians to attack the recent Prayut government’s response to a pandemic and has been threatened by Thai police to prosecute vaccine policy critics.

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AstraZeneca Allows “Complex” Thai Vaccine Production Start

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