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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-10-15 18:34:17 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —According to the American Psychiatric Association, PTSD affects about 3.5% of adults in the United States each year. Experiences such as war and abuse can lead to PTSD, as do small events such as microaggression.

“”[Microaggressions] It may even contribute to their depression, anxiety, and even the symptoms of trauma. Several studies have found that microaggressive can affect depression, self-esteem, overdrinking, physical health problems, and identity development, and new studies have found that microaggressive sleep with eating disorders. I found it related to the problem. ”

Ease USA strives to serve people who have experienced PTSD and their families. The organization was founded to work with veterans, but has expanded its services to reach everyone.

“PTSD is not discriminatory. It also exists in health care workers, veterans, and children. Therefore, At Ease USA focuses on trauma and anyone who has experienced PTSD associated with that trauma. Of course, our goal is to treat military families, but in reality to treat PTSD and help families who treat loved ones affected by PTSD, “said At Ease USA Executive Director. Beth Kramer said.

On Friday, the organization held a meeting to educate the community about trauma. We hosted a variety of sessions to showcase everything surrounding PTSD, from child trauma to intervention.

“When I’m looking at trauma or PTSD, I think it’s important to look at all aspects of it. It’s not all-purpose. I think it’s important for the therapist to be exposed, but to deal with different people. We train — children and parents — and because we can understand how to help individuals with PTSD, we offer at least the widest possible program. We certainly solve world problems. I’m not going to, but we can certainly see all the specific types and give them exposure and at least build consciousness, “said Kramer.

At Ease USA hosts conference to educate community about PTSD Source link At Ease USA hosts conference to educate community about PTSD

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