At least 41% of Baltimore high school students earn below-D GPA – Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland 2021-07-19 18:50:49 –

41 percent Baltimore Public high school students fell below the average D grade points in the first three quarters of 2020-2021 School year, According to an analysis of district data.

Baltimore City School has created a graph showing GPAs for all high school grades in the city.Data reported by Project Baltimore, Investigative Journalism Series FOX affiliates WBFF It works.

“In line with the experience of many school districts across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic caused serious disruption to student learning,” the Baltimore Municipal School said in a statement. “As early as the summer of 2020, municipal schools identified a large number of students with poor average grades and classroom grades compared to past grades.”

The shift happened after the school was closed for online learning COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection)At that time, only 24% of high school students in the city were below 1.0 GPA, so the data for 2019-2020 show.

New Jersey is investing about $ 30 million in federal dollars to boost college completion.

“This is terrible, which further perpetuates the cycle of poverty and despair,” said Giovani Patterson, who ran for Baltimore City Council Chairman in 2020.

“If almost half of our kids are failing, what options do we have after graduating from high school? This is really disappointing. It’s sad to see this,” Patterson added.

In contrast to the percentage of students who almost failed, 21% of high school students at Baltimore City School earned a GPA of 3.0, or B average.

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The Washington Examiner contacted the Baltimore Municipal School for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.

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At least 41% of Baltimore high school students earn below-D GPA Source link At least 41% of Baltimore high school students earn below-D GPA

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