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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-06-10 18:58:52 –

A high school in New Hampshire last weekend labeled unvaccinated and vaccinated students with markers. The principal said he gave the students a “near-normal” experience, but has been criticized by state legislators.

Republican Rep. Melissa Richfield said she posted the markings on social media and was contacted by more than 12 parents.

“This post has lived an exponentially unique life,” Richfield said in an interview Thursday. “Every time I see it, it has been shared.”

She said some parents and students were angry with the decision to label unvaccinated students when they stepped into the senior prom at Excelter High School.

“Unvaccinated children were written in black Sharpie on their hands, and vaccinated children had some sort of red marker on them,” Richfield said.

Two Massachusetts high school students are throwing their proms after the school is cancelled.

In the photo sent to Richfield in response to her Facebook post, you can see the black sharpy in the children’s hands while posing for the prom photo.

“You had to write your treatise, and if you didn’t write your treatise, you were branded with black sharpy,” Richfield said. “What does that mean to you? I’m going to let it sit there.”

Parents and students who contacted Richfield said they refused to go to the camera for us for fear of retaliation from the school district.

“I’m just here because my parents were afraid to speak up and they needed a voice, and I understand,” Richfield said.

When the 2021 Senior Prom Horizon High School class was canceled, they contacted NBC10 Boston Responds to receive a $ 10,500 deposit refund from a top Boston hotel.

In an email to NBC10 Boston, the district explained that labeling is a school-specific contact tracing system and that all students, whether vaccinated or not, can participate in the prom.

“Our student and parental feedback is very positive about the prom experience. We recognize that there are concerns about student selection and privacy breaches. Contact tracing We made every effort to comply with the guidelines. This did not happen. ” “There is no perfect model, but we hope that the community will understand that this model will allow students to enjoy a near-normal, highly desirable experience and conclude their fourth grade.

The district also said they noticed a contact tracing system when students enrolled in the prom.

However, Richfield said his parents knew nothing and were dissatisfied with not being able to speak in advance.

At Prom, NH Students Marked as Vaccinated, Unvaccinated for Contact Tracing – NECN Source link At Prom, NH Students Marked as Vaccinated, Unvaccinated for Contact Tracing – NECN

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